Elevate Your Etsy Business with the Top 11 Etsy Analytics Tools

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In the world of Etsy, success doesn’t solely hinge on choosing the right product. It’s about effectively engaging with your target audience and utilizing the right analytics tools to optimize your store.

Although Etsy furnishes a modicum of analytical data, it falls short in delivering the profound insights requisite for shaping a comprehensive business strategy, refining product listings, optimizing customer engagement, and strategizing ad placements.

The plenitude of third-party applications beckons, each promising a treasure trove of data-driven wisdom. The conundrum then becomes, how does one discern the superlative choice to fortify their Etsy enterprise? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the 11 most widely used analytics platforms to help you make informed decisions and supercharge your Etsy business growth.

1. Google Trends: Unlocking Trending Insights

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Google Trends serves as your portal to fathom the undulating patterns of search trends. It presents an array of functionalities, encompassing:

  • Category Filter: Discerns prevailing and seasonal trends within your specialized field or sector.
  • Time Range Filter: Unveils the cyclical nature of your search query.
  • Local Keyword Search: Grants you the capability to pinpoint particular geographic regions.
  • Search Intent Discovery: Shows how users search for keywords.
  • Keyword Search Volume: Provides insight into keyword popularity.

Google Trends helps you unearth trending topics and assess the relevance of your product or store-related terms. You can refine your searches by country, timeframe, category, and search context. The “Interest over time” graph displays changes in a term’s search volume over your selected period, enabling you to identify peak months of interest. Additionally, it offers lists of related topics and queries that are gaining popularity.

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  • In-depth keyword trend research.
  • Geographic targeting.
  • Seasonal keyword trend analysis.
  • Niche identification.


  • Cannot be integrated with your Etsy shop.
  • Limited to trends for Google searches.
  • Lacks sentiment analysis and sales/revenue reporting.

2. Alura: Your All-in-One Etsy Companion


Alura is a comprehensive analytics tool covering every aspect of your Etsy journey. Key features include:

  • Keyword Finder: Evaluates the hierarchy of terms, compiles inventories of products, and identifies shops holding sway in the realm of a specific keyword.
  • Product Seeker: Assists in the quest for in-demand products with minimal competition.
  • Shop Analyzer: Scrutinizes premier products and dissects their sales distribution.
  • Listing Helper: Enhances your listings to bolster their standings in search results.

Alura’s Keyword Finder lets you discover valuable keywords, while Product Seeker helps you identify lucrative, low-competition products. The Listing Helper ensures your listings are top-notch. Plus, the Shop Analyzer enables competitor analysis in your niche.


  • AI chatbot AVA for query management.
  • Built-in automated marketing tools.
  • Privacy Policy Generator in collaboration with a U.S. lawyer.


  • Restricted to a single search term per instance.
  • No historical keyword performance data.
  • No shopping cart integration.

3. eRank: Elevating Your SEO Game

eRank Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

eRank specializes in SEO, offering a plethora of features, including:

  • Keyword Suite: Presents data on search volume, click-through rates, and competitive landscape.
  • Audit Tools: Generate reports on your product’s categorization, image inventory, and adherence to guidelines.
  • AI-powered Listing Assistant: Assists in crafting compelling titles, tags, and descriptions.
  • Tracking and Comparative Instruments: Keep tabs on your listing’s position and evaluate competitor performance..

eRank empowers you with keyword research, competitor analysis, visibility scores, and listing optimization tips. Trend Buzz extends your reach beyond Etsy, searching popular terms on various marketplaces. Plus, Competitor Sales and Top Sellers provide insights into your rivals’ performance.


  • Free version and affordable pricing for paid plans.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Inventory and delivery management.


  • Basic Plan limitations on Monitor Tool and Traffic Stats tool.
  • Text-heavy and outdated website design.

4. EverBee: Unleash Your Product Potential

EverBee Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

EverBee focuses on product research, offering:

  • Product Analytics: Identifies high-demand, high-revenue products.
  • Listing Rank Tracker: Monitors your and competitors’ rankings.
  • Tag Analyzer: Provides insights into other Etsy shops.
  • Shop Analyzer: Analyzes sales, conversion rates, and revenue.
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EverBee’s product research tools help you find the most in-demand items and estimate your potential earnings. The platform also allows you to optimize your listings and gain insights into your competitors.


  • Customizable analytics.
  • Historical performance tracking with Listing Rank Tracker.
  • Trademark Monitor to prevent infringement.


  • Some features require a Growth Plan subscription.
  • Limited analytics for non-subscribers.

5. Putler: Uncover Deep Insights

Putler Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Putler provides over 200 metrics on products, customers, and sales, including:

  • Multi-store Reporting: Monitor multiple stores in one place.
  • Data Cleanup: Ensures your data is accurate.
  • Customer and Revenue Forecasting: Predict future sales trends.
  • AI-generated Insights: Provides actionable recommendations.

Putler offers real-time insights into your store’s performance, helping you understand buyer behavior, top-selling products, and more.


  • Syncs with MailChimp and various eCommerce systems.
  • Subscription and refund management.


  • Learning curve.
  • Subscription costs increase with data sources.

6. Marmalead: Your SEO Powerhouse

Marmalead Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Marmalead is a robust brainstorming and listing optimization platform, offering:

  • Detailed Keyword Search Tools: With predictive analytics.
  • Product Pricing Insights: Determine the best pricing strategy.
  • Letter-based Grading System: Evaluate your listing’s effectiveness.

Marmalead uses machine learning to collect and analyze data, providing you with actionable insights to improve your SEO strategy. The platform’s tools cover keyword research, historical performance, and listing optimization.


  • Color-coded graphs for keyword popularity.
  • Beginner-friendly Listing Grade feature.
  • In-depth keyword analysis.


  • Limited analytics on other Etsy sellers.
  • No shopping cart integration.

7. Sale Samurai: Competitive Intelligence

Sale Samurai Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Sale Samurai offers comprehensive data about your search terms and competitors, including:

  • Customizable Competition Tracker: Keep tabs on your competitors.
  • Product Keyword Search: Displays Etsy and Google data.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Identifies long-tail keywords.
  • Tags Analysis: Explore tags used by other sellers.

Sale Samurai empowers you with the insights needed to launch competitive products and maintain your Etsy listing’s relevance.


  • Strong competitor analytics.
  • Affordable monthly subscription.
  • Calendar of official and unofficial holidays.


  • No predictive analytics.
  • No shopping cart system integration.

8. EtsyHunt: Unleash the Power of AI

EtsyHunt Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

EtsyHunt enhances your store with AI-driven features, including:

  • EtsyGPT Listing Optimizer: Improve product descriptions and SEO.
  • Etsy AI Photo Background Editor: Enhance product images.
  • Product Research Tool: Discover top-selling products.
  • E-commerce Data API: Track shop and product sales data.
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EtsyHunt’s AI tools assist you in optimizing your listings and discovering top-performing products. The platform also offers a range of product search tools and analytics.


  • Data Tracking tab for monitoring products, shops, and keywords.
  • AI-powered Follow-up Reminder.
  • Similar Tag Generator and Etsy Tag Extractor.


  • Limited features in the free plan.
  • No shopping cart system integration.

9. Roketfy: Your Virtual Listing Assistant

Roketfy Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Roketfy acts as your virtual listing assistant, offering:

  • Listing Checker: Scores your product listings.
  • AI Writer: Supports multiple languages.
  • AI Reviews: Provides sentiment analysis.
  • Product Research: Customizable research with sales data.

Roketfy’s AI-driven features help you create and optimize listings, manage customer feedback, and discover hot Etsy products.


  • Multilingual AI support.
  • Detailed feedback tool.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited shop tracking features.
  • No shopping cart system integration.

10. Koalanda: The SEO Solution

Koalanda Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Koalanda provides exhaustive details on products and shops, including:

  • Product Search Tool: Displays sales history.
  • Competitor Analysis: Covers one-year sales history.
  • Keyword Tools: View search volume and compare popularity.
  • SEO Tool: Optimize listings with popular tags.

Koalanda is a straightforward SEO solution with a wealth of information to help you understand product preferences, track competitors, and improve your Etsy store’s performance.


  • Detailed data on top shops, categories, products, and countries.
  • Search Score for overall keyword assessment.


  • Limited to connecting with up to five Etsy shops.

11. Seller Way: Unlock Shop Insights

Seller Way Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

Seller Way offers insights into your listings and shop performance, including:

  • Listing and Shop Analysis: Analyze your shop’s performance.
  • Seller Tracking: Monitor your competitors.
  • Long-Tail Keyword Generation: Discover new keyword ideas.
  • Category Finder: Explore trending categories.

Seller Way equips you with the tools needed to improve your shop’s visibility and competitiveness.


  • Progress Tool for performance tracking.
  • Design Ideas to enhance product images.
  • Color chart for selecting listing hues.


  • Limited sales history for some features.
  • Higher-tier plans required for competitor analysis.

Let Analytics Support Your Etsy Shop Goals

With Etsy’s massive user base, leveraging analytics tools is essential to stand out in this competitive marketplace. In addition to analytics, remember to maintain brand transparency and active human connections, as highlighted in Etsy’s 2022 Integrated Annual Report. By harnessing the power of these top analytics platforms, you’ll be well on your way to achieving Etsy success.