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13 Best Instagram Marketing Tips

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In the year 2020, Instagram ascended to the throne, surpassing Facebook as the unequivocal monarch of the realm of social media. Instagram stands as a remarkable platform for branding your business and swiftly connecting with countless individuals across the globe. Interested in mastering the art of leveraging Instagram for marketing purposes?This post will help you out a long way to promote your business.

If your aim is to expand your Instagram account and utilize it for business marketing without any financial investment, adhere to these guidelines.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account

Prominent brand accounts on Instagram feature a compelling bio, captivating profile picture, and a link to their website’s homepage. This initial setup step is crucial, as it’s the first aspect visitors observe upon reaching your Instagram profile. Your bio must be descriptive, convincing, and don’t hesitate to use emojis.

2. Monitor Pertinent Accounts Within Your Industry.

Search brands, media companies, or people of your niche who are using Instagram. Follow these accounts and engage with them by showing appreciation through likes and leaving comments on their posts. In return, few will follow you. This will give you your initial audience.

3. Search Popular Hashtags In Your Niche


Many people on Instagram use hashtags

as a way of finding new photos and

new people to follow,” said Jason Quey.


Thousands of hashtags are shared daily on Instagram. Jason provided valuable guidance on the subject: “Examine the images shared by influencers in your field. Take note of the hashtags they employ. Jot down these hashtags as potential options for your own use.”

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4. Get Shout Outs From Others

Prominent brands frequently collaborate with influencers to enhance their Instagram presence. This is accomplished by establishing connections with notable individuals and brands, leading to mutual brand exposure on each other’s pages.

Create a spreadsheet to compile information about the influential accounts you intend to approach. Determine their follower count and explore the possibility of them giving your profile a shoutout.

5. Keep Sharing Regularly

Ensure you maintain a consistent posting frequency while aligning with your brand identity. Avoid the undesirable scenario of followers unfollowing you due to excessive daily posts. Moderation is key; refrain from going overboard. Allow your content to be consumed gradually, while maintaining a level of anticipation for your new posts every day. By adhering to a set posting schedule on Instagram, your followers will eagerly anticipate your content.

6.Utilize hashtags frequently within the comment section.

One of the most overlooked tricks in the Instagram market is the use of hashtags in the comments.

Instead of bombarding your posts with so many hashtags and giving the perception of desperation – hashtags in comments works as well as in Captions after pressing share. Your caption doesn’t look bad too.

7. Consider Running Instagram Contests

Running a contest can prove to be one of the best strategies for getting new followers and engage your content. Instagram lets you run your contests on your feed, it is very easy to set up and by asking participants’ involvement, you grow your account.

8. Request Followers To Like Your Content

You’ve likely come across Instagram posts encouraging you to double-tap on the image. This is a fantastic technique. Feel free to ask your followers to like your posts.

9. Relationship With Other Influencers

Expanding your brand rapidly can be achieved by collaborating with brands that possess a larger following than yours and requesting them to endorse your brand. With compelling content, you might not even need to pay influencers. Cultivating a solid relationship with an influencer could potentially yield substantial organic traffic through shoutouts.

10. Keep Commenting on Other Accounts

Neil Patel shares. “I thought it would be enough 
just to like

Engage with others' images as a means to encourage them to follow me.

and like my photos. As it turned out, I got way more 

When I left comments on photos shared by other users...

when I merely liked them.”


11. Use Instagram Stories Regularly

Utilizing Instagram Stories presents another effective avenue for brand promotion. This feature allows you to share brief video clips that vanish after 24 hours. All your followers can view these videos, engage by liking and commenting. This feature is directly inspired by Snapchat Stories.

While making Instagram stories, mix static content with the content happening in present. Strategic partnerships with other accounts can also be pursued to expand your reach among broader audiences.

12. Use Both Images & Video Content

Keep a mixed bag for your posts. Sometimes share images and sometimes share short videos and IGTV videos. Instagram allows you to post short videos on your profile that are up to one minute or less. IGTV is the extended version of videos that are over one minute long.

13. Run Instagram Ads

Nothing beats advertisements. The preceding 12 points emphasize organic outreach; however, investing in Instagram ads can be advantageous. Keep in mind that by linking your Instagram profile to your Facebook page (ensuring it’s set to business as personal profiles can’t advertise), you can create a single ad for both platforms, effectively bolstering your brand’s growth.


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