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The Ultimate List of the 13 Best SEO Tools (Free & Paid)

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Here are a portion of the very best free and paid SEO tools that anyone could hope to find. Separated into classes so you can find precisely exact thing you really want.

They cover link building, local SEO, keyword research, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, these apparatuses help you in pretty much every part of Web optimization.

Look at the full rundown of our 13 Best SEO Tools (Free & Paid) beneath.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool  is a useful asset that assists you with finding significant watchwords you can use to work on your SEO.

With the free record, you can perform 10 pursuits each day. Also, track down related catchphrase thoughts.30 Free SEO Tools : Boost Your Optimization Efforts

Why we like it: Watchword Wizardry Instrument draws from an information base of more than 25 billion catchphrases from 142 nations. Thus, you can perform catchphrase research for almost any market effortlessly and precision.

Keyword Overview

You can quickly analyze any keyword in our database with Semrush’s Keyword Overview tool.

It gives you significant measurements and experiences to assist you with choosing if a watchword merits focusing for your site.

With the free record, you can see measurements for 10 watchwords each day.

Keyword Gap

Watchword Hole permits you to see the catchphrases you share with your rivals.

By recognizing shared watchwords, you gain bits of knowledge into the catchphrases that are significant for your specialty and industry.

So you can keep on zeroing in on them.

Moz Free SEO Checkers

The free record allows you to run 10 queries each day.

Why we like it: The instrument offers a method for taking advantage of important watchwords information that is generally difficult to get.


AlsoAsked gives question-put together catchphrases based with respect to the term you enter.

100% Free SEO Tools

The apparatus gathers these inquiries from Google’s Kin Additionally Pose (PAA) boxes. And afterward puts together them into a stretching graph. Like this:

The free record allows you to run three free pursuits each day.

Why we like it: This device is a decent hotspot for finding inquiries to address in your blog entries.


Like AlsoAsked, QuestionDB shows you question-based watchwords. However, these inquiries are obtained from discussion locales like Reddit and Stack Trade.

You can only view limited data with the free account.

QuestionDB - Free Keyword Questions Tool

Why we like it: QuestionDB offers related subjects referenced in questions, so you can find related watchwords or famous themes you might have in any case missed.

Search Response

Search Reaction has an instrument that uses Google’s PAA information to give famous inquiries individuals are really posing on the web.

Input a catchphrase or expression, and it conveys PAA questions in light of prevalence. Like this:

110 Top SEO Tools That Are 100% Free

You can perform 10 PAA searches per month with the free account.

Why we like it: Notwithstanding the PAA device, Search Reaction offers an instrument called Individuals Likewise Quest For that shows what individuals search for straightaway assuming that they bob off a page from their underlying pursuit.


Soovle is a free device that allows you to track down search ideas from different sources, like Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, and YouTube.

56 Top Free SEO Tools

Why we like it: The device is inconceivably simple to utilize.

Free On-Page SEO Tools

On Page SEO Checker

Semrush’s On Page SEO Checker gives you thoughts to work on the positioning of and natural traffic to your pages.

It investigates your pages and contrasts them and the main 10 contenders for each target catchphrase. And afterward gives you noteworthy stages to work on your rankings for those pages.

The free record gives admittance to a predetermined number of thoughts.

Why we like it: Instructions for putting the concepts into action are provided in a manner that is simple to understand by the tool. Making it extraordinary for fledglings who need to get a speedy outline of their on-page Website design enhancement issues and potential open doors.


SEOquake is a free program expansion that gives significant Web optimization information about the pages you find in query items and sites you visit.

You’ll see metrics like the Authority Score (AS), which tells you how good a page or domain is overall. Also page traffic, backlinks (joins from different spaces), and that’s just the beginning.

Why we enjoy it: The expansion offers a helpful method for getting Search engine optimization bits of knowledge without expecting to leave your momentum program tab.

Rank Math

With over a million downloads to date, Rank Math is one of the most well-known WordPress site design enhancement modules.

It makes setting up on-page Site improvement simpler. You can make title names (the title that shows up being referred to things), meta depictions (brief summations that could show up in arranged records), and further created URL slugs (the end part of a URL).

The principal parts (alluded to above) are free.

Why we feel a debt of gratitude: The module’s user-friendly design made it simple to create. It is similarly light and fast, so your site won’t be toned down by it.


Another valuable WordPress module with free and paid adaptations is Yoast. It’s a staple for some SEOs, as it manages the vast majority of on-page Site design improvement work.

Why we enjoy it: Past on-page Web streamlining, the module furthermore offers helpfulness to regulate specific tasks like setting up standard URLs (the fundamental type of a page) and robots meta marks (a bit of code that exhorts web search devices how to crawl, document, and show content).

Meta SEO Inspector

You can view any page’s on-page SEO information, including the title tag, description, open graph tags (code snippets that control how your content looks when shared on social media sites), and heading structure, with the browser extension Meta SEO Inspector.

Why we like it: This on-page program expansion is useful for exploring your own pages as well as investigating your rivals’ pages. Besides, having this data on one screen is helpful.


Semrush’s PageImprove apparatus allows you to carry out on-page Web optimization changes straightforwardly to your site.

With its assistance, you can refresh:

  • Title labels
  • Meta portrayals
  • Standard labels
  • Headings

Also, other on-page Website optimization components.

Why we like it: Implementing on-page SEO is made simpler by the tool.

Free Technical SEO & Website Performance Checker Tools

Site Audit

Semrush’s Webpage Review device allows you to break down the specialized wellbeing of your site.

It checks your site for 140+ specialized Website design enhancement issues (significance gives adversely influencing a webpage’s exhibition in search). Furthermore, reports a score out of 100 to provide you with a feeling of your site’s general wellbeing.

A portion of the issues Site Review identifies include:

  • Broken joins: Broken joins are joins that lead to pages that don’t exist or are difficult to reach
  • Divert chains: Divert chains are arrangements of sidetracks that take the program leap starting with one URL then onto the next prior to arriving at the last objective.
  • Copy content: Copy content will be content that shows up on more than one URL on the web
  • Server-side mistakes (501, 502, and so forth.): Server-side mistakes are blunders that happen on the server while handling a solicitation from the program

With a free record, you can review up to 100 pages each month.

Why we enjoy it: The apparatus not just features which issues exist on your site, yet offers counsel on how you can fix every one.

Bing Webmaster Tools

free seo tools

Bing Website admin Devices assists you with estimating your site’s presentation on Bing. To put it another way, it is a Bing version of Google Search Console (GSC), a tool that we will discuss further down.

While Google’s variant is valuable for those upgrading their site for Google, Bing’s adaptation is useful in the event that you’re attempting to advance your site for Bing.

Why we like it: Bing Website admin Devices was refreshed with a superior point of interaction in light of client criticism. It also has a good keyword research tool. You can channel your outcomes by “related catchphrases,” “question watchwords,” and “newfound” catchphrases to track down additional important terms.


Sloth empowers you to use Cloudflare Laborers (resources that let you make and change applications in a serverless climate) for specialized Website design enhancement streamlining.

You can use it to:

  • Set 301 and 302 sidetracks: At the point when you move pages forever or briefly
  • Carry out hreflang: At the point when you take special care of a worldwide crowd
  • Change your robots.txt document: To control how web indexes access your website
  • Gather log documents: To grasp bots’ slithering way of behaving
  • Furthermore, do a lot more other significant things.

Why we enjoy it: Sloth is particularly beneficial to SEOs working on business websites. Redirects, for example, can be implemented with much less effort.

Free Local SEO Tools

PlePer Local SEO Tools

PlePer Nearby Website design enhancement Instruments is a Chrome expansion that gives point by point details in regards to any business that has a Google Business Profile.

Why we like it: The Chrome augmentation saves time via robotizing the method involved with gathering and dissecting neighborhood Website design enhancement information.

Semrush’s Third party referencing Device assists you with finding backlink potential open doors and allows you to contact the site proprietors straightforwardly from the actual apparatus.

After you have set up the tool, you will see the following prospect list:

Why we like it: It deals with the whole third party referencing process beginning to end.

Free SEO Tools from Google

Google Analytics

saas seo tools

Google Examination 4 (GA4) is a free device that gives top to bottom information about your site.

You can, for instance, see how many people visited your website during a particular time period.

You can likewise see other significant bits of knowledge about your clients, including where they’re found, what sorts of gadgets they use, and their socioeconomics.

Why we like it: GA4 is one of the most extensive examination arrangements available.

Keyword Magic Tool

Catchphrase Sorcery Apparatus’ paid form offers total admittance to its data set of more than 25 billion watchwords.

With this device, you’ll have the option to do catchphrase research for any industry. What’s more, produce possibly huge number of catchphrase thoughts in a flash.

Why we enjoy it: You can utilize channels to find precisely exact thing you want. For instance, tapping on the “Questions” tab will show you question-based catchphrases.

Pricing: Begins at $129.95 each month.

On Page SEO Checker

With a paid Semrush membership, you can open more bits of knowledge and survey more pages in On Page Website design enhancement Checker.

While improving your site for on-page Website design enhancement, you maintain that your whole webpage should be streamlined. Not simply aspect of it.

Paid membership assists with that.

Why we like it: The device arranges thoughts into various classifications, making it simpler to see which regions need the most consideration. Additionally, you will receive technical suggestions if your project has a Site Audit set up.

Pricing: On Page Website optimization Checker is accessible through three paid plans:

  • Pro: $129.95 each month
  • Master: $249.95 each month
  • Business: $499.95 each month

Site Audit

While the free adaptation of Site Review creeps up to 100 pages, the paid variant has the capacity to slither a huge number of pages for each review.

This intensive slithering will feature issues on your site that could slip by everyone’s notice on the off chance that you’re simply running incomplete reviews.

You’ll see every one of the issues, alerts, and notification the device identifies:

Listing Management

The Listing Management tool in Semrush enables you to boost your local SEO by automatically distributing your business listings across a variety of directories.

  • Different things you can do with the device include:
  • Check your business data across the web
  • Dissect your Google Business Profile audits exhaustively
  • Check your positioning in Google Guides

Why we like it: It saves time and exertion via naturally making postings on well known registries.

Pricing: You can pick between two plans that incorporate all Semrush Nearby apparatuses:

  • Essential Arrangement: $20 every month
  • Premium Arrangement: $40 every month

You can find websites that link to your rivals but not to you using Backlink Gap.

This offers you new external link establishment chances. What’s more, you can attempt to secure connections from those locales.

Why we enjoy it: The Backlink Hole apparatus allows you to take advantage of the biggest data set of backlinks accessible available.

Pricing: Backlink Hole is open through a free arrangement. In any case, these three paid plans give more capacities:

  • Pro: $129.95 each month
  • Master: $249.95 each month
  • Business: $499.95 each month

Start Using SEO Tools Today

Website design enhancement instruments are significant if you have any desire to get neglected traffic from Google

They assist you with distinguishing the right watchwords, make quality substance, enhance your substance, fix specialized issues, and fabricate backlinks.

Semrush has a set-up of Website design enhancement improvement devices that oblige essentially the entirety of your Web optimization needs.


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