How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2023

How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2023
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How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2023: Are You Looking for How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2023 

An ever increasing number of individuals are presently searching for approaches toways to make money online. The undeniable way a great many people think that it is not difficult to bring in cash online is through web journals.

Writing for a blog is actually a demonstrated method to bring in cash. I’ve been making nice pay from writing for a blog for more than 10 years now and I can say that anybody with difficult work can bring in cash publishing content to a blog.

In case you are one among them who needs to make the most out of their spare energy, writing for a blog is an extraordinary method to bring in cash as well as to support your internet based impact. So in case you are searching for approaches to make a free blog, this nitty gritty aide is intended for you.

In case you are searching for approaches to begin a free blog, I enthusiastically prescribe you to consider utilizing Blogger writing for a blog stage as it simple to set up as well as you can begin bringing in cash from AdSense also.

Here is a one stop guide for individuals to make a free blog on blogspot and begin bringing in cash from AdSense.

How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money

How to start a free blog on blogspot platform?

Making a blog utilizing is truly simple. I’ll give you few simple directions and follow them likewise.

Step 1:


Sign up for 

First of all, go to home page and sign up.

Quick note: Create a GMail account if you don’t have it yet.

Once you are logged into your Google account, you will now see “New Blog” button on the left side. Click on it to create a new blog on Blogger.

Step 2:


Enter a name for your blog

Type in any title that you want to name your blog in the Title box. And just enter any short domain address, if it’s already taken, you will see a yellow box. Make sure to come up with a unique name and select a template from the options provided in the same box. You can choose many more templates and customize your blog later.

And that’s it! You have successfully create a blog on blogspot in under 2 minutes. Congrats. Now we’ll walk through the next steps.

Step 3:


Start creating new blog posts

Click the button Create New Post on the left side to create a new blog post. Enter any title and start writing content that you want.


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Step 4:


Google AdSense!

Once you are started getting decent amount of visitors from search engines to your blogspot blogs, you can apply for AdSense to start making money. Don’t apply for AdSense unless and until you are bringing at least 300-400 unique visitors every single day. Otherwise, it’s really hard to getting your account approved.

How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money


Quick note:

You can anytime change your blog template by clicking on the button “Template” at the left side on your blogspot dashboard.

What to do after creating your blog on blogspot?


Start creating SEO friendly content

Assuming you need to produce additional pay from AdSense utilizing your blogspot blog, you need to bring additional guests from web indexes. The more web search tool traffic you get the more snaps you will actually want to create and the more pay you will make from AdSense.

Sadly, expanding search traffic to any blog or site isn’t simple particularly in case you are an amateur to SEO. You need to learn everything all alone identified with SEO and begin carrying out the compelling SEO systems to help your natural traffic.

The main suggestion I can provide for any novice blogger is this: begin zeroing in on making content that is SEO agreeable.

Here are few simple tips to write SEO friendly blog posts that will help you bring more traffic to your blogspot blogs.

  • Focus on internal linking. Whenever you write new posts, link to the previous posts. This will increase the search crawlability. The more crawling is done on your site internally, the more search visibility your blog gets.
  • Don’t write beyond 70 characters in your blog post titles. It will not show up in search results, so make sure to use short yet descriptive headlines.
  • Always focus on readers first, then optimize later for search engines. Don’t use the same keywords again and again as it leads to keyword stuffing and your blog may gets penalized by doing so.
  • Don’t use flash elements on your blog as it will slow down your blog’s speed. Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster.

Focus on getting AdSense approval

Once you started creating great contents for your blog, it’s time for you to focus on getting your Google AdSense approval. This is the major reason why most bloggers start a blog on blogspot. If you are also one among them, don’t wait for a long time.

I would recommend anyone to focus their efforts on getting AdSense approval after completing 4 to 6 months. Because by that time, you will be able to get good amount of traffic from search engines.

Even if you post one post a day, that would be around 100 articles in 4 months and if they are all optimized well for search engines, you will definitely getting around 500 unique visitors . And that’s a good start to get your AdSense approved.

Find out ways to increase your AdSense earnings

The following thing you can do once your AdSense account gets supported is you can sort out some demonstrated approaches to build your profit from AdSense. In spite of the fact that as a fledgling, it very well may be a troublesome occupation for you to expand your AdSense pay yet additional time you will see how it functions admirably.

You can likewise pursue AdSense related web journals to upgrade your insight and spot the AdSense advertisements on the ideal spots to expand clicks from your websites.

5 essential SEO tips for blogspot blogs

1. Give top priority to on-page SEO

2. Find keywords before you write anything

3. Getting incoming links is the key to increase organic traffic

4. Never publish duplicate content

5. Optimize images for search engines

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