Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2023

Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2022
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Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2023

What does the icon, in the given image, in the swatches panel do while working with the colors in Adobe Flash Professional CC?
It duplicates the existing selected swatches from the panel to create a new group.
It creates a new empty color palette.

Which of the following text block types can be created with the Text Layout Framework?
Read Only
All of the above

Flash Professional adds a new _____________and allows you to add interactivity to HTML5 Canvas content by providing native support for __________.
HTML5 Canvas document type, JavaScript.
Code-Hinting features, Syntax Highlighting.
HTML5 Canvas document type, Syntax Highlighting.
Code-Hinting features, JavaScript.

What does the Compiler Errors panel do when you run an application in Flash?
It tells how to fix the errors present in the application.
It shows the number of errors present in the application.
It shows the list of errors present in the application.
All of the above.

_______________________ can be exported from the Library only to create a sprite sheet.

Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2022

What do you do to solve the missing font problem when your application is being run on some other computer?
Embed the font in the application.
Send the font along with the file.
Let the user use a font similar to yours.
None of the above.

Which of the following preferences can be synced with the Creative Cloud and across multiple machines?
Document properties
Application level preferences
Sprite Sheet preferences
Grid, Guide, and Snapping settings
All of the above.

How many options are available in Flash for importing a video? What are those options?
Two. Load external video with playback component; Embed FLV or F4V in SWF and play in timeline.
One. Embed FLV or F4V in SWF and play in timeline.
Three. Import as mobile device video bundled in SWF; Load external video with playback component; Embed FLV or F4V in SWF and play in timeline.
None of the above.

You can incorporate classic text in a Flash Professional application by creating ___________________text fields when you author a document, or by creating _______________ fields to display updating text, and _________________fields to allow users to enter text for forms or surveys.
Input text; TLF text; Classic text
Dynamic text; Input text; Static text
TLF text; Classic text; Dynamic text
Static text; Dynamic text; Input text

______________ overwrites the cloud settings of an application to the local setting when it is synchronized.
Sync Local
Sync Cloud

For which of the following symbols does the timeline appear the way it is shown in the image above?
Movie Clip
It is the same for all the symbols.

State whether the statement is true or false.
Adobe Flash Professional CC does not support the import of SWC files.


Which of the following has a set of built-in standard artwork that includes fills, brushes, and animations?
Deco Tool
Bind Tool
Spray Brush Tool
Ink Bottle Tool

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Which type of layers contain objects used as masks to hide selected portions of layers below them?

How many types of layers are there in Flash?

In ActionScript, ___________________ refers to the manner in which elements are put together to create meaning.

Which of the following attribute(s) can be applied to a symbol exported from the Stage while creating a sprite sheet?
3D Rotation
All of the abov

We can create HTML5 content and add JavaScript to it within Flash Professional CC.

Which of the following features is(are) not supported in Canvas element of HTML5?
3D transformation
dotted line
bevel effect
All of the above

While publishing the content on stage to HTML5, which of the following option shows frameBounds property having an array of Rectangles for every frame’s bounds in the timeline?
Multiframe bounds
Compact Shapes
Hosted Libraries
Asset Paths

Which of the following is an uncompressed file format in Adobe Flash Professional?

______________ layers contain strokes that can be used to guide the arrangement of objects on other layers or the motion of classic tween animations on other layers.


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It is possible to export a symbol from the Stage and the Library simultaneously, and have both of them present in the final _____________________ in a grid format.
Sprite sheet


Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Test 2021

Which of the following elements can be added through the Swatches panel while working with the colors?
Swatch Groups
None of the above.
Both a and b.

In the export video dialog box, _________creates an alpha channel using the stage color and is encoded as a transparent track.
Convert Video in Adobe Media Encoder
Stop Exporting
Path for the Exported Video
Ignore Stage Color

What role does the data format option have in the Generate Sprite Sheet dialog box, when creating games for mobiles?
It decides the way of packing the images into sprite sheet.
It creates the descriptor file which is understandable by the gaming engine.
Swap symbol option lets us swap ___________ symbol(s) with the selected symbol.

When a file is published as HTML5, ___________ contains definitions for all shapes, objects, and artwork within the Canvas element and ___________ contains dedicated definitions and code for all the interactive elements of the animation.
HTML file, Javascript file
Javascript file, HTML file

Which file format can be used to exchange data between various Adobe applications, like Vectorworks, bitmaps and text?

Which of the following video formats can be imported into Flash Professional?
a and c
All of the

Which of the following statement(s) is/are NOT True in Flash Professional?
“Parameters” is the data you want to associate with the cue points.
Prewritten ActionScript scripts called behaviors are available for both ActionScript 3.0 and ActionScript 2.0.
You can use the Use Runtime Bitmap Caching option only for movie clip and button symbols.
To control playback of embedded video files, you must write ActionScript to control the Timeline containing the video.

Flash creates the _____________________ and ________________ files along with the SWF file when you publish an AIR file.
Descriptor, Installer
AIR Package, Descriptor
Installer, Profiles
Profiles, AIR Pack

Every movie clip has its own_________________ that is nested in the main timeline.

The Distribute To Keyframes command, in Adobe Flash Professional CC, distributes each selected object to a new and separate ______.

In Flash Professional, ____________ files are files used to store ActionScript that will be executed on a computer running Flash Media Server.

Which of the following statement(s) is(are) not true in Adobe Flash Professional CC while opening cross versioned files?
Flash CS6 can open Flash CC files.
Adobe Flash Professional CC can open .XFL files.
Unsupported features and content between the versions will not let the file open.
Both b and c


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A sprite sheet can be created from ___________________and_____________________.
graphics, buttons
Mask, Motion tween
Guide,Movie Clip
Shape hints, graphic

Which of the three options marked as 1, 2 and 3 in the above-given image repeats the gradient on the Stage of any flash document. What is the name of the correct option?
first press 2 and then 3.

In Flash Professional, an ___________________is a duplicate of a symbol located on the Stage.

Flash Professional enables you to link different text fields with the Text Layout Framework to make the text flow through them.

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What does _self specify in the Target parameter of TLF text?
A new window.
The current frame in the current window.
The parent of the current frame.
The top-level frame in the current window.

What is the Sync Setting Feature in Adobe Flash Professional CC?
It helps in synchronizing and bridging the file transfer between application and Adobe Creative Cloud.
It preserves a copy of application-related settings on Adobe Creative Cloud.

An animated graphic symbol has its own _________________.

The ___________________ option under the General tab of the AIR Application And Installer Settings dialog box compiles a native, platform specific Windows installer (.exe) instead of a platform-independent AIR installer (.air).
Windows Installer
App Name
Included Files

_________________________is an XML-based file format which allows text to remain editable when Flash Professional files having this file format are exchanged with other Adobe applications.

Fill in the blanks about Scout:
1. It is an analysis and profiling tool for ____________ runtime that allows performance analysis of applications designed for mobile, desktop, or web.
2. It provides basic telemetry data for any ______________ running on a computer.
3. It is designed to provide accurate __________ aggregated from several system resources.
Flash, SWFs, data
SWFs, Flash, data
Data, Flash, SWFs,
SWFs ,Flash , data

Which of the following tabs belong(s) to the AIR Application And Installer Settings dialog box?
All of the above

Which of the following statement(s) is(are) incorrect about exporting videos in Adobe Flash Professional CC?
Flash Professional CC allows us to export HD videos.
Flash Pro is now integrated with Adobe Media Encoder.
By default, Flash Pro can export to .F4V files only

State whether the statement is true or false.
Convert AS3 to HTML5 Canvas command is used in automatically transition and port existing ActionScript 3.0 content to an HTML5 Canvas document.

Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2023

_______________ do NOT increase the file size of your published SWF file.

Name the format(s) in which a Flash document can be saved in Adobe Flash Professional CC?
All of the above

What files will be created when you publish the file to deploy it to web?
file.swf and file.html
file.fla and file.swf
file.fla and
file.html and

The __________________________panel contains prewritten code which is easily applicable to any Flash application.
Code Snippets

A ____________________allows you to stop an application at a particular line of ActionScript.
Watch list
Code view


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For which of the following elements, created on the stage, Flash Professional CC generates HTML and JavaScript?
All of the above

Which of the following elements can be affected by Distribute To Keyframes command?
Graphic objects
Text blocks
Video clips
All of the above.

When we open the older version files to Adobe Flash Professional CC, which of the new features will change?
1. Inverse Kinematics will be converted to_______.
2. TLF text will be converted to ______________text.
3. ______attached to any instance on stage will be removed.
frame-by-frame animations, classic, AS2 code
classic, AS2 code, frame-by-frame animations
AS2 code, classic, frame-by-frame animations

Fiverr Adobe Flash Professional CC Skills Test 2023


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