How to Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan

Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan 2023
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How to Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan: Are You Looking for How to Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan

Have you at any point pondered leaving a 9-5 corporate work that pays you a little compensation? Do you frequently hunger for the opportunity and versatility of having a distant web-based work? Is it true that you are a loner who stays away from human collaboration and feels open to dealing with your bed? In the event that indeed, it’s an ideal opportunity to make your fantasies a reality by turning into an Amazon remote helper. With this work you can set your own timings, twist the standards to accommodate your timetable, and bring in heaps of cash. Sounds energizing? Then, at that point, follow this manual for discover how to turn into an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

As the name proposed, an amazon menial helper is somebody that remotely assists you with effectively maintaining an Amazon business. The administrations given by the Virtual Assistants are very immense and fluctuate with the abilities of each person. As such, it includes taking care of the multitude of assignments that an entrepreneur can delegate to you. Your errands and obligations can incorporate hunting items for their stores, client support, and notice and so on.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan


Why do people hire Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Most of the e-commerce businesses on Amazon are run by a single person who is often suffering from productivity overload.

Task Management: They may enlist you to do the assignments they view as dreary, for example, settling client questions, noting messages, or circling back to the business tab.

Support:Then again, an entrepreneur may require support with abilities they need, for instance: web improvement, photoshop, and information investigation.

Cost effective: Recruiting somebody somewhat on an every hour/project premise costs a negligible part of recruiting a full time worker accordingly settling on it the best decision for entrepreneurs. It likewise diminishes the overhead expenses, for example, leasing an office space and taking care of bills and so on.

Minimum Employee Obligation:Since a menial helper fills in as a self employed entity, the businesses are just liable for paying their proper rate accordingly curtailing the government expenditures and worker benefits cost.

Convenience: Through menial helpers, entrepreneurs can zero in on significant undertakings that support their development. A proficient menial helper can essentially chop down a business person’s responsibility.

Main responsibilities of an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

On the off chance that you are wanting to essentially offer your administrations to Amazon Entrepreneurs, the following are a lot of most popular abilities for a menial helper work.

1. Amazon Product Hunting

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant on Amazon in Pakistan : Presumably one of the most required and essential administrations as it requires broad examination and market investigation. Solo-Entrepreneurs who have their plates full believe this undertaking to be a misuse of their time and really like to reevaluate it. In particular, on the grounds that the accomplishment of an internet business relies widely upon the quality, net revenue, and moving item.

Your work will be to find the triumphant item that doesn’t break their bank while producing higher deals. The following are not many attributes that comprise a victor item yet it might fluctuate according to merchant own measures:

  • Regardless of appeal, there ought to be little rivalry for the item
  • Net revenues of at minimum 25% to 30%
  • Items should create at least 10 deals every day
  • The main 3 related catchphrases have somewhere around 5000 Monthly Search Volume however may change with Amazon Marketplace.
  • Ideally items that are not occasional and can be sold the entire year
  • Simple to-source and simple to-send item
  • Should have 2 items with under 150 audits on the principal page
  • Repeating buys provoked by the item
  • Highlighted items that have a hit positioning (BSR)

2. Sourcing and Logistics

You can source items on Amazon through different means, for example, outsourcing, wholesalers and producers. Having settled on the item, the following stage is to distinguish expected providers and producers. The most widely recognized entryway for obtaining and conveying items to Amazon Warehouse is Alibaba. While observing a provider ensure they can be trusted by really taking a look at their profile status, for instance do they have exchange affirmation? What sort of surveys do they have? Furthermore, Do they have a Gold Suppliers Badge? And so forth These are a couple of steps you can take to stay away from cheats and tricks.

Coordinations incorporate sorting out the legitimate limitation, contract composing and marking, patent encroachments, transportation and customs expenses, and security guidelines. All of this requires some experience and broad examination, so don’t attempt to surge it.

3. Listing Creation

Following quite a while of hunting and obtaining the item, this is the ideal opportunity that Amazon VA will make a posting of item on Amazon. After this, clients can purchase the item and begin creating income. Your occupation here is to make a convincing, itemized, and streamlined leaning to drive most extreme traffic.

  • These are a couple of things to remember while making postings for your dealer.
  • All around clarified item depiction
  • 5-7 Eye getting visuals (photos, livelinesss, and recordings)
  • Utilization of SEO driven catchphrases
  • Make your portrayal simple to skim through for example make the significant data stand apart without perusing the whole substance.
  • Aspects, and element of your item
  • Getting posting title

4. Advertisement (PPC) on Amazon

One of the exceptionally pursued and generously compensated abilities for the Amazon VAs as the quantity of PPC (pay per click) promotion specialists are somewhat low. Amazon offers a PPC promoting model, where a little expense is charged to the sponsor when a client taps on the advertisement. CPC the expense per click relies upon the watchword rivalry and search volume which you can discover by means of devices like Jungle Scout and Helium-10.

Supported Products promotions, Sponsored Display Ads and Sponsored Brands are the three kinds of commercials presented by Amazon. To find out pretty much a wide range of promotion models and the most common way of running a commercial, you can enlist for the Amazon Advertisement Certification for nothing.

5. Ranking on Amazon

SEO stands for search engine optimization and merchants employ SEO specialists to build the positioning of their item on Amazon indexed lists. As the positioning increments, so do the deals bringing about expanded income.

For this work, you should concentrate on the pursuit calculation of Amazon exhaustively alongside learning viable watchword search.

6. Competitor Analysis

Contender investigation is an imperative part of maintaining any business, and Amazon is the same. This progression is an early piece of the interaction and precedes item posting. For this undertaking, you will be approached to contrast the items and the ones presented by the contenders. This incorporates, value correlation, examining your rivals’ item postings, looking into their marking, really taking a look at their audits, and concentrating on their designated catchphrases and so forth This large number of bits of knowledge permit you to make an item posting that stands apart among the opposition.

7. Customer Service

Client administrations incorporate tending to and settling any questions raised by the clients previously, during, and in the wake of purchasing your item. Reacting to their inquiries by means of email, and calls will be needed to keep them fulfilled and glad.

8. Inventory Management

It is the method involved with following, putting away, and delivering items to fulfill client request rapidly and effectively. Stock administration is a vital piece of the interaction as the abundance or deficiency of item may influence the capacity cost and consumer loyalty separately.

There are two different ways of productively dealing with a stock; the customary strategy is to keep a tab of transportation and capacity utilizing dominate sheets or the more computerized approach is to utilize an outsider stock administration programming’s upheld by Amazon.

Tools required by Amazon Virtual Assistant

The inquiry is: how would you discover the entirety of this data? Well relax, the following are a couple of devices that can be useful for acquiring these important experiences while mining the best items.

Jungle Scout

Beginning with Jungle Scout, a definitive Amazon research device that goes to the most unfathomable and haziest prison of this advanced rainforest to track down the triumphant items for you. Aside from this, its elements, for example, Niche Hunter, Product Tracker, Product Database, and Keyword Scout help you effectively and helpfully oversee item chase, stock, postings, and deals.

Helium 10

H-10 works very much like Jungle Scout and offers practically similar highlights. Other than proposing potential and beneficial item thoughts, tracking down suitable watchwords, and upgrading postings this web application assists you with overseeing everything through one dashboard.


With its inventive elements and information driven methodology, viral dispatch is the distinct advantage in the field of FBA. You can completely upgrade and computerize a web-based business with it utilizing Amazon Keyword, Amazon Advertising and PPC Research, and Amazon Keyword Tracking.

How to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan?

For those living in Pakistan, there are countless online resources and institutes that train individuals for this job. For example,

Extreme Commerce:

They direct internet preparing, bootcamps, courses, 1-1 preparing, and corporate preparing. Besides, they additionally run a hatchery in 8 urban communities of Pakistan to give youthful business people a committed climate to develop their business. Simply enlist yourself in one of their projects to furnish yourself with fundamental abilities and vanquish the universe of internet business


Empowering agents offer a total seminar on Virtual Assistance alongside a progression of video addresses for beginners who need to leap to the field of web based business. They have their focuses spread the nation over to empower everybody to learn, acquire, accomplish, and achieve throughout everyday life.

E-com Outset:

Their online learning portal offers 4 types of courses; Amazon Beginners Pack, Amazon Advanced Basics, Amazon confirmed Virtual Assistant, and Amazon Sellers preparing.

These projects and courses accompany extraordinary advantages that can demonstrate exceptionally gainful for rookies with no past experience and schooling. Pursue their confirmed courses to start your Amazon Virtual Assistant profession. We trust this aide will help you and assist with clearing things for you.

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