Twitter overreacts to Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show

Twitter overreacts to Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime show
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Twitter overreacts to Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show: Rihanna performed just fine, so let’s all just take a deep breath and act like we’ve seen live music before

Super Bowl LVII is underway between Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. But Rihanna’s “interrupted by a football game” concert is complete.

And what a show it was.

The 34-year-old singer and entrepreneur took to the stage for this year’s halftime show and performed some of her greatest hits for an expected audience of over 100 million fans watching worldwide.

Rihanna didn’t take the stage for just herself but also for Barbados, the Caribbean island where she was born and raised.

Twitter overreacts to Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show:  “A big part of why it is important for me to do this show, representing for immigrants, representing for my country Barbados,” Rihanna said. “Representing for Black women.”

The show was not only riveting but inspiring as well.

Rihanna was even seen sporting a brand-new baby bump

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