Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023
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Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers have been prepared and tested by native professionals. You will be surprised to know that we have got tremendous results in real environments.

How do you pass the fiverr test?

To pass, you will need to answer 60%-80% of the questions correctly. Your percentile is defined dynamically, based on other test takers. The time it takes you to complete the test is tracked…..

How do I clear my fiverr test?

Under the heading “Skills,” find the particular name of the test that you want to remove. When you hover your mouse over the particular “skill name,” a small trash/garbage bin icon will show up. Click on that icon to delete that particular skill from your profile………

We have come across many situations where professionals look to skip the most crucial part of resume and that is, fiverr exams certifications. But we welcome you to deal with this difficult part of your profile and beat every other competitor…………………

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Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2021

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

If Rebecca had sent the replacement part for the copier, we _____ it yesterday.

  • would have received
  • would receive
  • had received
  • received

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We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

  • training
  • past
  • background
  • history

Hiring freelancers is not _____ expensive as bringing in a new employee.

  • as
  • much
  • so
  • more

How _____ from the airport to the hotel?

  • you got
  • did you get
  • got you
  • you did get

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

Many people have difficulty _____ the entrance examination for IT courses at the Snell Institute.

  • to pass
  • on pass
  • passing
  • pass

No one has yet succeed _____ improving on Ms. Glaser’s original design for our company’s logo.

  • in
  • on
  • over
  • with

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

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_____ someone sends me a text, I get back to them within 10 minutes.

  • Even though
  • No matter how
  • Whenever
  • Unless

Mr. Mettner said that he _____ the security deposit for the apartment.

  • hasn’t yet received
  • hadn’t yet received
  • isn’t yet receiving
  • didn’t yet receive

Martin Beale _____ all of the legal matters for RTG Plastics Inc.

  • deals
  • does
  • handles
  • organizes

If you are in town next week, we should have _____ together.

  • a dinner
  • dinner
  • an dinner
  • the dinner

The factory floor supervisor started the generator _____ the power had gone out.

  • while
  • so
  • nevertheless
  • because

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023


Ms. Fiallos was not _____ for the truck driver position because she did not have a valid driver’s licence.

  • available
  • eligible
  • convenient
  • accessible

When she discoveredthe briefcase didn’t belong to her, she tried to find out _____ it was.

  • who’s
  • whose
  • hers
  • his

Sites like are _____ way to send large documents.


  • a best
  • best
  • the best
  • one best


Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023


The bulky frame made the picture _____ heavy to hang on the wall.

  • much
  • too
  • as
  • most

_____ Wednesday, two of the key people on the design team called in sick.

  • On
  • Since
  • Until
  • Next

When _____ us the final draft of the report?

  • you send
  • you will send
  • send you
  • will you send

Robert will stay at the job site until 6pm unless Tony _____ to replace him first.

  • came
  • would come
  • comes
  • had come

Mr. Weiss considers his company’s move to Canada to be _____.

  • success
  • successful
  • succeed
  • succeeded

Try to guess the definition of a word without looking it _____ in the dictionary.

  • out
  • over
  • up
  • through

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

The amount of _____ housing in the southern part of the city has increased in the last five years.

  • afforded
  • affords
  • affordable
  • affording

Russell doesn’t usually work on weekends. _____, he will make an exception for this client.

  • However
  • Although
  • Therefore
  • Meanwhile

_____ of us are going anywhere this weekend because there is too much work to do.

  • No one
  • Most
  • All
  • None

The manufacturing operation _____ smoothly while Ms. Kurtz was on vacation.

  • has run
  • is running
  • ran
  • runs

Fiverr English Basic Skills Test Answers 2023

Luckily, Monaremembered _____ an extra set of keys to give to Max.

  • to bring
  • bring
  • about bringing
  • bringing

Who _____ to inform him that his bid for the apartment renovation had been accepted?

  • Eric called
  • Did Eric call
  • Did call Eric
  • Called Eric

After an hour, the mechanic was able to pull the tire _____ of the wheel.

  • out
  • apart
  • away
  • off

It’s important to put _____ into _____ of any new project.

  • time, planning
  • the time, the planning
  • the time, planning
  • time, the planning

Please forgive me _____ not informing you about the problems we were having with the new software.

  • on
  • with
  • for
  • about

_____ sent you to deliver the printer?

  • Where
  • When
  • Who
  • Why

No one has figured out exactly _____ caused the power failure.

  • what
  • they
  • how
  • that

___ twelve years, Opal Systems has been designing operating systems for government institutions.

  • In
  • By
  • For
  • During

Ricardo’s boss _____ him telling the client how to use the software.

  • encouraged
  • heard
  • reminded
  • told

The committee _____ the job of quality control to Karl Mertz.

  • assigned
  • invested
  • donated
  • contributed

If I _____ my vacation in March, I never would have met Mr. Edwards.

  • took
  • would take
  • take
  • had taken

Most people prefer sleeping at home _____ sleeping on an airplane.

  • from
  • with
  • for
  • to

Mr. Ibanez gave _____ calling Mr. Hansen after Mr. Hansen never responded to his messages.

  • in
  • out
  • over
  • up

Tomas decided to visit_____ sisters in Amsterdam in April.

  • its
  • her
  • his
  • their


_____ happened after I left work yesterday?

  • When
  • What
  • Where
  • How

Please continue to use the front entrance _____ a delivery is too large to fit through the door.

  • if
  • until
  • when
  • unless

Ms. Elkin had two bags with her when she arrived, _____?

  • hadn’t she
  • had she
  • didn’t she
  • did she

The new operating system should significantly reduce the _____ of time it takes to upload documents.

  • number
  • amount
  • size
  • quantity

_____ the switch on the back of the machine do?

  • What
  • Which
  • Which does
  • What does

The _____ for submissions to the design competition is March 3.

  • finish
  • goal
  • limit
  • deadline

Monday is a holiday, _____ Emily will contact you on Tuesday.

  • because
  • though
  • so
  • therefore

_____ our supplier’s shipment was late, I managed to get most of the order ready.

  • Despite
  • Although
  • Because
  • So

Ms. Costas depends _____ three major accounts for most of her business.

  • for
  • on
  • in
  • after

A huge traffic jam prevented Lila _____ getting to the airport on time

  • from
  • to
  • for
  • against

Mr. Yee shops at _____ hardware store in his area.

  • only
  • an only
  • the only
  • a only

_____________, I will have the report done by next week.

  • Either I take on another job or not
  • Whenever I take on another job or not
  • Whether I take on another job or not
  • Neither I take on another job or not

_____ is an important ingredient in any soup.

  • Salt
  • The salt
  • A salt
  • Some salt

Now that Ms. Brecht has retired, we all agree it will be difficult to _____ her.

  • restore
  • renew
  • revive
  • replace

The results of the study were inconclusive. _____, more research needs to be done.

  • Therefore
  • However
  • Rather
  • Althoug

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  • Sam’ dad’s truck was found without its wheels.
  • Sam’s dad’s truck was found without its wheels.
  • Sams dads truck was found without its wheels.
  • Sam’s dad’s truck was found without it’s wheels.

Our marketing strategy is based on _____ experience.

  • either data or
  • both data and
  • neither data nor
  • not only data also

If the hotel has no vacancy, you can stay with ____.

  • ours
  • our
  • we
  • us

This house doesn’t have an attic, ____?

  • won’t it
  • doesn’t it
  • it does
  • does it

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