Increase Your Business Sales by following these 3 Free Facebook Tricks

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Increase Your Business Sales by following these 3 Free Facebook Tricks

Facebook has more number of users then the number of cars on the road and planes in the sky at the same time all over the world. The world’s most widely used social networking website is not only used to connect with friends and families but also has become a strong medium for prominent business presence.

Facebook Pages let businesses reach-out to their potential customers through geographic presence and interest. Instead of traditional internet marketing typically done by marketers since early 2000, Facebook Pages is quickly changing the trend now.

Facebook is building its reputation to become one stop shop for everything. The features like Facebook Marketplace, Classified and Fan, Business Pages clearly show Facebook’s intention of becoming a business that has everything under one roof for everyone.

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Modern day businesses ignore the potential of Facebook Pages outreach. Facebook Pages is a very strong way of building your brand and raising awareness about your product and services to your potential customers. Since internet is a huge medium, one picture or a video could get trending like a rapid fire on the internet, raising instant awareness about your brand.

Following are the three most effective ways you can do in order to increase your brand awareness on Facebook

1. Video:

According to the latest statistics, 80% of the total global web traffic will be attributed to the videos by 2021. It is estimated that about 95% of the message conveyed in the videos is registered in the minds of viewers who watch a video more than 1 minute.

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Facebook page owners are advised to create lot of videos, live streaming about their product and services as Facebook intends to take on tradition television and make Facebook a media platform in the future. You would have observed on your Facebook profile, after every 4 posts from your friends, you see a video from Facebook page which is either promoted or trending based on higher views and comments.

2. Pictures

Videos, pictures also play an important role in attracting traffic to your business. You may have noticed many business pages on Facebook who strike a perfect balance between Videos, Live streams and Pictures.

Picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture can spread on internet and become trending, instantly raising awareness about your brand on Facebook.

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3. Poll

The third best method of drawing in crowd on your Facebook page is by utilizing survey. Individuals feel enabled and uncommon in case they are gotten some information about their assessment on something specific. Facebook pages can utilize the force of survey for getting an alternative, fabricating a details about their item and administration. That pool result is exceptionally useful in changing your item and administration for your expected client.