The Big Lunch | The Big Lunch Coronation 2023

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The Big Lunch: The first weekend of every June. Celebrating community, togetherness and new connections.

The big lunch is an initiative set up by the eden project designed to strengthen communities in the UK. Every year, on the first weekend of June, over 6million participants in the UK set up big tables in their communities and have a big lunch. Everyone is invited and all food brought is to be shared. It’s all about meeting new people, forming new connections and strengthening old ones.

This is a great day to combine the important themes of food, community and relationship building. Spread the word with your students about the big lunch and see if any are happening in the local area, or whether new lunches can be organised.

The Big Lunch: Get students to think about why events sharing food might be important. Ask them: what other occasions do we, and other people around the world, share food at? There are many examples, from Christmas and Eid to birthdays, family gatherings and countless more. Discuss with students what the similarities could be: celebration, special food, making new relationships and strengthening old ones.

Next, ask students: why is it important that we build strong relationships with those around us? What does a good community look like? What kind of things does a good community do? Since the big lunch is particularly about making new connections, this is a great opportunity to discuss with students about ways to make friends. You could ask: what’s a good conversation starter? How can we be kind to everyone? How can we find out about them or find things in common?

The Big Lunch Coronation

The Big Lunch is a community initiative that encourages people across the United Kingdom to come together and share a meal with their neighbors, friends, and communities. It was founded by the Eden Project, a charitable organization that promotes environmental sustainability and community engagement.

The idea behind The Big Lunch is to create a sense of community and strengthen social connections by organizing a meal or picnic that brings people together. The event typically takes place in June and aims to promote conversations, foster friendships, and build stronger, more connected communities.

The Big Lunch emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions and encourages people to step away from their screens and engage in meaningful conversations with their neighbors. It provides an opportunity to break down barriers, bridge divides, and create a sense of belonging within local communities.

The initiative started in 2009 and has since grown significantly, with millions of people participating in The Big Lunch events across the UK. It is supported by the National Lottery and various partners who provide resources, guidance, and promotional materials to help individuals and communities organize their own Big Lunch gatherings.

The event can take various forms, from small gatherings in gardens or shared spaces to larger community-wide events. Participants are encouraged to bring food to share, fostering a spirit of generosity and community involvement. The meals can range from simple picnics to elaborate potluck-style feasts, depending on the preferences and resources of the participants.

The Big Lunch has had a positive impact on communities, promoting social cohesion, reducing loneliness and isolation, and strengthening community bonds. It has been credited with fostering a sense of pride and unity among neighbors and has inspired individuals and communities to engage in other community projects and initiatives beyond The Big Lunch itself.

In addition to the main event in June, The Big Lunch also encourages ongoing community connections and interactions throughout the year. They provide resources and support to help communities stay connected and continue to build relationships beyond the initial event.

Overall, The Big Lunch is a community-led initiative that aims to bring people together, promote social connections, and create stronger, more vibrant communities by sharing a meal and fostering conversations. It has become a popular annual event that celebrates the power of community and encourages individuals to connect with their neighbors and build meaningful relationships.

What day is the big lunch for the coronation?

The Big Lunch for the Coronation refers to a special edition of The Big Lunch that is organized to coincide with the commemoration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Queen Elizabeth II has not yet undergone her coronation ceremony. She ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, following the death of her father, King George VI. However, her coronation ceremony took place on June 2, 1953.

It is worth noting that the exact date and details of The Big Lunch for the Coronation will depend on the specific plans and arrangements made by the organizers. As the event is likely to be organized by various community groups, local authorities, or official organizers, the date and specific details may vary.

To find accurate and up-to-date information about The Big Lunch for the Coronation, it is advisable to check official announcements and reliable sources closer to the time of the planned coronation or any associated celebrations. Official sources, such as the Royal Household or The Big Lunch organization, will provide the most accurate information regarding any special events organized to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Recipes For A Big Bank Holiday Coronation Lunch

Planning a big bank holiday coronation lunch can be an exciting endeavor. Here are a few recipe ideas that you can consider to create a delicious and memorable meal:

  1. Traditional Roast Beef: Roast beef is a classic dish that is often associated with British cuisine. Prepare a tender and flavorful roast beef using prime cuts such as ribeye or sirloin. Season it with herbs, garlic, and spices, and cook it to your desired level of doneness. Serve it with roasted potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and a side of seasonal vegetables.
  2. Coronation Chicken Salad: Coronation Chicken is a popular British dish that was created to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a cold chicken salad with a creamy and slightly spicy curry sauce. Cook chicken breasts until tender, then combine them with a mixture of mayonnaise, curry powder, mango chutney, lime juice, and a touch of yogurt. Serve the coronation chicken salad on a bed of lettuce or in sandwiches.
  3. Scotch Eggs: Scotch eggs are a delightful and indulgent appetizer or side dish. Hard-boiled eggs are wrapped in seasoned sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried until golden and crispy. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and are a favorite picnic food in the UK.
  4. Summer Pimm’s Cup: For a refreshing beverage, serve a Summer Pimm’s Cup. Pimm’s No. 1 is a fruity and herb-infused gin-based liqueur that is mixed with lemonade, soda water, and an assortment of fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, and cucumber. It’s a light and refreshing drink that is perfect for a summer bank holiday gathering.
  5. Victoria Sponge Cake: No British celebration would be complete without a classic Victoria Sponge Cake. This light and fluffy cake consists of two layers of sponge cake sandwiched together with a layer of jam and whipped cream. Dust the top with powdered sugar and garnish with fresh berries for an elegant and traditional dessert.
  6. Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam: Finish off your coronation lunch with a quintessentially British treat – scones with clotted cream and jam. Serve warm scones alongside pots of clotted cream and your choice of strawberry or raspberry jam. This timeless combination is a staple of afternoon tea and is sure to please your guests.

Remember to adapt the recipes to suit your preferences and the dietary requirements of your guests. Don’t hesitate to explore other traditional British dishes or incorporate seasonal ingredients to create a memorable and delicious bank holiday coronation lunch.