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7 Best Websites to Check Android App Rankings

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Amidst the perpetually shifting landscape of Android app, maintaining a firm grip on the latest trends and unearthing the quintessence can prove to be an arduous endeavor.

Given the profusion of apps clamoring for your attention, it becomes imperative to possess dependable reservoirs of information to facilitate judicious decision-making. This is precisely where our expertise comes to the fore.

In this exhaustive compendium, we shall unveil a meticulously curated array of superlative platforms for scrutinizing the rankings of Android app, thereby ensuring your continuous ascendancy and the revelation of the most exemplary apps currently gracing the market.

1. AndroidRank 

app rank checker

AndroidRank is your gateway to a treasure trove of information about Android apps. This platform is a data-driven powerhouse, offering statistics and growth metrics for a wide range of Android applications. What sets AndroidRank apart is its ability to organize apps into rankings based on various data points. Users can explore rankings based on growth, average ratings, installs, and total ratings received, allowing for a nuanced assessment of app performance.

One of the standout features of AndroidRank is its extensive category coverage, mirroring those found on Google Play. Whether you’re interested in productivity, gaming, or lifestyle apps, AndroidRank has you covered. Additionally, the platform facilitates easy data export by providing CSV files for app ranking charts, enabling users to conduct further analysis.

Notably, AndroidRank is free to use and boasts a user-friendly interface, making navigation a breeze. Furthermore, the option to submit new apps for indexing ensures that the platform remains up-to-date with the latest releases.

2. Similarweb

app rank checker

Similarweb takes a comprehensive approach to app rankings by leveraging its sophisticated Usage Rank algorithm. This algorithm delves deep into active users, current installs, and geographical data to compile informative app lists. Users can apply filters based on country, price, and category, ensuring that the rankings align with their specific preferences.

Moreover, Similarweb provides the Store Rank of each app, offering an additional layer of insight into an app’s performance on Google Play. Keeping track of daily changes in app rankings becomes effortless, enabling users to make timely decisions.

What sets Similarweb apart is its accessibility. Users can access its core features without the need for registration, making it a hassle-free resource for those seeking app rankings.

3. SensorTower

app rank checker

SensorTower stands out by providing not only app rankings but also valuable news and insights related to Android apps. While it doesn’t conduct its own app analysis, SensorTower presents Google Play Store rankings from across the globe. Users can refine their searches with various filters, tailoring the results to their specific requirements.

One of SensorTower’s standout features is its flexibility in choosing rankings across diverse categories. Users can even set custom price ranges for paid apps, generating charts that meet their budget criteria. The platform also allows users to select specific dates for historical app ranking data, enhancing research capabilities.

SensorTower is a free resource, offering a wealth of information to users. However, for those seeking a more advanced experience, the option to unlock store intelligence and access app revenue rankings is available.

4. TapTap – Gaming Insights at Your Fingertips

app rank checker

For avid gamers, TapTap is a valuable resource dedicated to Android game rankings. With a multitude of new games releasing regularly, TapTap streamlines the selection process by providing reviews, rankings, and in-depth game descriptions.

What sets TapTap apart is its powerful algorithms that collate data from user reviews and other analytics to formulate rankings that reflect user preferences accurately. Users can filter rankings by country, top sellers, most played, and more.

An exceptional aspect of TapTap is its thriving community, contributing to the platform’s ability to analyze and rank apps effectively. The best part? It remains completely devoid of charges, thus rendering it accessible to a wide-ranging audience.

5. AppBrain

app rank checker

AppBrain simplifies the process of checking Android app rankings. Its minimalistic interface allows users to select app categories effortlessly and filter charts according to their preferences. Rankings on AppBrain are based on data from Google Play, ensuring reliability.

Users can customize parameters for the charts, such as top monthly apps, free versus paid app rankings, and more. Additionally, the platform offers the ability to view app rankings in various countries, catering to a global audience.

AppBrain’s notable feature is its “in-app billing apps” section, offering a ranked list of apps with in-app purchases available. The site provides its major features for free, but advanced filters, such as recent install counts, are available in the premium version.


app rank checker is a comprehensive hub for app rankings, offering a wealth of insights. Users can explore top apps based on store rank, downloads, revenue, and active users. The ability to filter by category or country allows for more specific ranking charts.

A distinguishing feature of is its prediction-based algorithm, which highlights trending apps. Users can discern which apps are gaining momentum and increasing user interaction. While the free version offers valuable data, a premium subscription unlocks advanced features like complete lists and custom data ranges.

7. Google Play Store

app rank checker

Last but not least, the Google Play Store itself is a formidable resource for app rankings. Leveraging its advanced algorithms, it analyzes apps based on impressions, popularity, downloads, user reviews, and more. The platform offers rankings for top free apps, top-grossing apps, and top paid apps.

Google Play’s rankings are frequently updated, and users can effortlessly filter between free and paid apps. While it may not provide the depth of information found on dedicated ranking websites, it serves as a convenient overview.

In conclusion, the ranking of Android apps is a powerful criterion for discovering the best applications without the need for exhaustive research. The websites mentioned in this guide offer a spectrum of features, from basic rankings to advanced analytics. Above all, these resources furnish users with the acumen required to render discerning verdicts regarding the apps they opt to procure. Whether you traverse the realms of casual app utilization or stand as a seasoned connoisseur of applications, these fountains of knowledge guarantee perpetual enlightenment.


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