10 of the Best SSL Checkers to Keep Your Site Secure

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In the contemporary digital sphere, safeguarding the security of your website is of paramount importance, irrespective of whether you engage in payment processing.

A pivotal facet of this security landscape involves the integration of an SSL certificate. SSL, an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, not only imparts a sense of trust to your website visitors but also garners favor with search engines. Google’s algorithm considers SSL as a significant ranking determinant, elevating websites fortified with SSL in the hierarchy of search results.

Though your website’s visitors might not delve into the intricacies of SSL, the mere presence of a padlock icon adorning the URL bar exudes assurance. Conversely, the absence of this digital sentinel can tarnish your brand’s credibility and reliability.

The Imperative of SSL Validation

Ensuring the impeccable implementation of SSL on your website stands as an initial stride toward fostering trust with your audience and augmenting your search engine rankings. To facilitate this endeavor, we have compiled a roster of superlative SSL verification tools.

These tools will meticulously scrutinize your SSL status, unveil the minutiae of your certificate, and pinpoint potential anomalies. The beauty of these tools lies in their accessibility, requiring no extensive technical proficiency. Let’s embark on an exploration of these preeminent SSL validation tools:

1. Influencer Marketing Hub

Renowned for furnishing invaluable utilities, calculators, and hashtag generators to our readers, Influencer Marketing Hub has ventured into the realm of SSL validation with its proprietary SSL checker tool. Our tool offers a straightforward assessment of your website’s SSL status.

If your website boasts SSL protection, a green signal will affirm that you’re on the right path. In the absence of SSL, our user-friendly tool extends a gentle nudge, emphasizing the importance of embracing SSL. We empathize with the fact that SSL can often appear dauntingly technical, especially for business proprietors. Consequently, our SSL checker tool is designed to be both user-friendly and, significantly, cost-free.

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2. Site24x7

10 Best Free SSL Checker Tools

Spearheaded by Zoho and ManageEngine, Site24x7 has been serving businesses of all dimensions, counting industry titans like Ford, GoDaddy, and Getty Images, since its inception in 2006. Site24x7 transcends mere SSL validation, evolving into a versatile cloud monitoring solution.

In addition to SSL validation, it vigilantly oversees web and mobile applications as well as cloud infrastructure. The onboarding process is streamlined, enabling you to harness the power of their SSL checker alongside an array of monitoring features. The SSL checker assiduously confirms the integrity of SSL certificates and ensures the uninterrupted functionality of your website, dispatching notifications in the event of downtime.

Site24x7 presents an array of pricing options, including a complimentary tier and an all-inclusive package starting at $35 per month.

3. TrackSSL

10 Online Tools to Test SSL, TLS

For those tasked with managing SSL/TLS certificates across multiple websites, TrackSSL emerges as the go-to solution. This tool mitigates the risk of website downtime by tracking certificate expiration dates and modifications. When an impending expiration date looms on the horizon, TrackSSL promptly dispatches alerts via email or text, empowering you to take proactive measures.

Furthermore, it remains steadfast in updating you on any alterations to your SSL certificate and is gearing up to introduce Certificate Transparency Alerts, ensuring swift notifications regarding newly issued certificates for your domain. Notably, TrackSSL boasts an illustrious clientele, featuring prominent names like Western Digital, BigCommerce, and IBM. Their “free forever” plan allows monitoring for two domains, with advanced functionalities commencing at $9 per month.

4. Sematext

10 Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools

Instituted in 2010, Sematext is a global entity entrusted by major players such as Etsy, Instagram, and Microsoft. Sematext distinguishes itself by amalgamating core competencies into a unified suite, setting it apart in the landscape of performance monitoring and logging tools.

Their Sematext Synthetics product, tailored for SSL monitoring, rigorously examines certificate validity, expiration dates, and certificate amendments. Detecting any irregularities, it expeditiously alerts you and furnishes a comprehensive certificate report.

In addition to its SSL monitoring prowess, Sematext plays a pivotal role in overseeing overall website performance, ensuring that your website remains swift, dependable, and accessible. Pricing for Sematext Synthetics is marked by its flexibility, offering a pay-as-you-go model and commencing at $29 per month.

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5. Geekflare

10 Best SSL Checkers

Geekflare is ardently committed to creating top-tier tools and APIs that promote business scalability. Among its array of 35 tools is a complimentary TLS scanner, designed to scrutinize your website’s security. TLS (Transport Layer Security), an advanced iteration of SSL, is instrumental in fortifying security.

Geekflare’s TLS scanner furnishes an exhaustive analysis of your TLS deployment, unearthing potential vulnerabilities. In addition to this resource, Geekflare extends an assortment of other security tools, encompassing Secure Headers Test, HTTP Headers Checker, Blacklist lookup, WordPress Security Scanner, and Secure Password Generator.

6. DigiCert

Top 10 Free Tools to Check Your SSL Certificate

DigiCert proffers a comprehensive solution for administering digital trust. DigiCert CertCentral TLS/SSL Manager streamlines the entire certificate management process, spanning from issuance to renewal. In terms of SSL scrutiny, DigiCert simplifies the process by scrutinizing your SSL/TLS certificates for frail configurations and susceptibilities.

It furnishes a comprehensive report, offering profound insights into your network’s well-being, thereby fortifying your website’s security. Notably, DigiCert doesn’t merely identify issues; it also proffers actionable recommendations for resolution.

The tool further encompasses automatic tracking of expiration dates and renewal, positioning it as one of the most potent SSL utilities at your disposal. For collaborative efforts, it allows for role-based user assignments.

7. SSL Labs

Powered by Qualys, SSL Labs stands as a knowledge repository that dispenses an array of tools and articles tailored to assist with SSL implementation. Whether your aim is to augment your understanding or swiftly address SSL concerns, SSL Labs stands as a comprehensive resource. The suite includes three key tools:

  • Assessment of your website’s certificate and configuration.
  • Examination of your browser’s SSL implementation.
  • Appraisal of the performance of other websites.

Conducting a complimentary SSL server evaluation is a straightforward endeavor: simply input your domain address, and SSL Labs will generate a report spotlighting areas of weakness, culminating in an overall rating.

8. Comodo SSL Checker

Best Free Online SSL Certificate Checker Tools

ComodoSSLstore.com, overseen by The SSL Store (a subsidiary of DigiCert), extends an SSL checker tool designed to affirm the accurate installation of SSL certificates on your web server. This tool, notable for its user-friendliness, necessitates solely your website address for evaluation. Following a rapid inspection, it imparts crucial information such as server type, issuer, expiration date, and certificate chain.

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9 Best SSL Certificate Providers

Positioned as the largest web hosting company in Europe, IONOS manages in excess of 8 million customer contracts, predominantly catering to small and medium-sized enterprises, alongside hosting over 12 million domains. Their SSL Certificate Checker, available at no cost, assesses the correctness of certificate installation in conjunction with site owner validation.

IONOS excels in the realm of clarity, bypassing convoluted jargon. In the event that the evaluation discloses subpar SSL status, you can peruse their SSL packages, in partnership with DigiCert, to fortify your online security. The pricing spectrum for IONOS SSL packages commences at $20 per annum, affording protection for a singular domain.

10. SSL Shopper

Paid & Free SSL Checker

SSL Shopper, characterized by its visually uncomplicated interface, furnishes a swift and efficient mechanism for diagnosing SSL certificate issues. You can employ it to double-check your web server’s certificate installation, ascertain its compatibility with leading web browsers, and stay informed about the remaining validity period. Moreover, it empowers you to configure reminders for certificate renewal, safeguarding the continuous security of your website.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the incorporation of SSL into your website is not merely advisable; it is an imperative. The security of your website and the faith of your clientele hinge on this foundation. While the intricacies of SSL may appear intricate, two fundamental takeaways remain indomitable: SSL is a necessity, and if it eludes your grasp, proficient web development agencies are poised to assist you in rectifying this while addressing other pivotal facets of your website’s security.

For an online experience that is both seamless and secure, look no further than the superlative SSL validation tools delineated here. These tools serve to reinforce your website’s security while elevating your visibility in the annals of trustworthiness and search engine prominence.

Kindly note that prices and features may evolve over time, thus it is advisable to visit the respective websites for the most current information.