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A Step by Step Guide: How Can i Get Adsense Approval with free domain

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This is no open secret. Google Adsense is one of the best advertising network. Numerous contenders strive to rival Google’s flagship partner program, yet Adsense outshines the competition by a considerable margin.

Given the premium nature of Adsense approval, the process is intricately selective. Google seeks to collaborate with individuals capable of enriching the network substantially through the provision of high-caliber content, ensuring genuine value addition.

Google AdSense is strict when it comes to approving new application for the partner program. A significant number of individuals, particularly those hailing from Asia, frequently face initial rejection due to minor errors.

However, there are few things you need to keep in mind and by addressing them in your blog, there is a chance that your adsense application gets approved.

Basic tips before applying for Google Adsense:

Custom Domain:

It is always better to acquire a top-level domain like www. It should be paid, not free.

If you have a blog on blogger  you can apply there as it is also a Google product but that’s the only exception as of getting approval for a free account. Should you intend to transfer your Adsense account from Blogger to other websites, Google mandates upgrading your account and initiating a fresh application.

Domain Age:

Domain age does matter. After acquiring your new domain name, refrain from anticipating immediate approval from Google.Exercise patience, allowing a span of typically 3 to 6 months.

Web Hosting:

Should you opt for free web hosting and proceed to apply for Adsense, readiness for rejection is advisable. It’s recommended to invest in a reliable hosting service for your blog. Free space doesn’t work.

Content Writing:

Google expects bloggers to write good quality content. The content should be original, not plagiarized. Keep in mind that during the Adsense application process, each account undergoes manual verification by a human evaluator.

Privacy Policy/About Us/Contact Us page:

The privacy page stands as a fundamental prerequisite for Google AdSense. It serves to enlighten your website visitors regarding the information you may collect and other relevant details. Also, the About us page tells the user about you and the Contact us page lets the visitors reach out and get in touch with you.

The number of posts:

I’m of the opinion that the quantity of blog posts you publish before applying for Adsense holds little significance. To be frank, my account received approval with just 10 posts.

It is often seen, many people get rejected after 50+ posts and many get approval with few posts. The paramount factor lies in the quality of your content.

Google wants original content,

 no plagiarism to say the least.


Minimum Blog traffic:

Minimum Blog Traffic: Adequate traffic isn’t a prerequisite for Adsense application. A modest number of visitors suffices, provided they originate from trustworthy sources like search engines and social media.

Blog Design:

A well-crafted blog design holds significant importance. Keep in mind that a human will verify your account. Thus, ensuring easy navigation and a professional appearance for your blog is crucial.

Original Identity:

Authentic Identity: Submit your application using your genuine name; avoid using makeshift IDs. Ensure precise completion of all form fields, incorporating accurate location details.


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