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Check How Many Sims Registered on CNIC

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Presenting a Detailed Walkthrough for Verifying the Count of SIM Cards Issued in Your Name and Beyond.

Sims Registered on my CNIC

In This Article i will show You How to Check How many Sims Registered on my CNIC.Back in the year 2000, PDAs began to turn into a standard for the residents of Pakistan. The drop in costs and simple accessibility for the overall population gave an unexpected push to the quantity of cell endorsers in the years that followed.

With this came the unfair utilization of deliberate innovation. Numerous criminal operations and fear based oppressor assaults were before long observed to be connected to unregistered SIMs.

To defeat these issues, PTA presented a high level SIM Information System in 2009. The framework was intended to keep an advanced record of the SIM supporters with the goal that the clients can check the quantity of dynamic SIMs gave against their CNIC.

Assuming you know nothing about the quantity of SIM cards gave against your CNIC or might want to check or impede one of them, definitely, continue to peruse.

What is the maximum limit for SIM card registrations under a single CNIC?

It is vital to see first that there is a cutoff to the quantity of SIMs one can get against their CNIC. According to the guidelines set by PTA, an individual can have a limit of 5 SIM cards gave in their name at a time.

On the off chance that you as of now have 5 SIM cards enrolled with your CNIC and you need to get another, you should initially obstruct the SIM card as of now not being used to keep up with the consistency of a limit of 5 SIMs.

What is the process to verify the count of active SIM cards registered under your CNIC?

Assuming you don’t know about the dynamic SIM cards gave against your CNIC, you must get that data at the earliest opportunity.

You can accomplish this through two straightforward methods:

Through Website:

For ascertaining the count of active SIM cards linked to your name, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the PTA SIM Information Website.
    2. On the webpage, provide your details as prompted.
    3. Enter your CNIC number into the designated field.
    4. Confirm your human status by checking the verification box, then click on ‘Submit.’
    5. A tabular representation will display the catalog of SIM cards associated with the provided CNIC.
    6. The list will categorize SIM cards by operators, offering a comprehensive tally of registered SIMs under your CNIC.

Through SMS:

For a quick method to determine the count of SIM cards linked to your CNIC through SMS, follow these concise steps:

  • Access your phone’s text message application.
  • Input your CNIC number without hyphens.
  • Send the message to 668.
  • You’ll receive a text message reply shortly, detailing the total count of active SIM cards affiliated with each operator registered under your CNIC.
  • Remember, sending a message to 668 incurs a charge of PKR 2 plus tax per SMS.

Assuming you discover that the quantity of SIMs gave against your CNIC is more than the current number of SIM cards you are utilizing, you should contact the Customer Service Center of the separate Company Operator.

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What exactly is SIM Cloning, and what are the reasons for being vigilant about it?


The interaction where a SIM card is copied by moving the cloned SIM’s recognizing data to another SIM card is called SIM cloning. When done, the different SIM card can be utilized by someone else on an alternate wireless while having every one of the information in addition to the charges credited to the first SIM card.

SIM cloning is a typical technique utilized by numerous hoodlums to seek after criminal operations and settle on decisions related with them utilizing another person’s personality. Assuming somebody gets a call from your number that you didn’t make, call the pertinent cell organization quickly and record a grievance to impede the unlawfully utilitarian SIM card.

PTA Biometric Verification System:

The PTA Biometric Verification System, or BVS for short, is a major step by PTA to monitor the safety of cellular subscribers and put an end to the illegal use of mobile phone connections. Through this system you can easily:

  • Obtain a duplicate SIM
  • Activate or buy a new SIM card
  • Transfer ownership of a SIM card that was initially registered under a different CNIC.
  • Re-verify your SIM card
  • Solve issues regarding mobile number portability

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How to get your SIM card’s biometric verification?

To ensure that your enrolled SIM card doesn’t get obstructed, you should check assuming you are utilizing a SIM that PTA perceives. To get a biometric confirmed SIM, you should initially check assuming the SIM card is enrolled in your name or not.

How to check the name of the SIM owner?

To find out the name of the SIM owner, you should follow these easy steps:

  • Launch your phone’s text message application.
  • Dispatch an empty message to 667.
  • In a short while, you will receive a response text message indicating the name of the SIM card owner from which the message was sent.

What are the steps to prevent usage of a SIM card registered under your CNIC?

To discard any versatile SIM that you don’t utilize, it is smarter to get it impeded so you are at this point not liable for that number against your CNIC. To do as such, this is what you ought to do:

  • Visit the closest establishment or client service office of the pertinent cell organization.
  • You will be needed to show your unique CNIC and fill a connected structure that will promptly obstruct your necessary number.


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