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How to Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt

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Are You Looking for Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt Today in This article i will show You Formatting a USB flash drive via the Command Prompt:

What is a USB Flash Drive?

The USB streak drive is a removable and rewriteable information stockpiling gadget. We utilize the USB streak drive, to move and store information. To move any document starting with one PC then onto the next, you really want to duplicate the record from your PC and glue it in the USB streak drive in case you are utilizing Windows.

The USB flash drive stands as the most expeditious and convenient means of transmitting and archiving data. In contrast to CDs or floppy disks, USB technology consistently outperforms expectations. With an expansive storage capacity of up to 2 terabytes, USB flash drives have emerged as the preferred option for contemporary data storage and seamless transfer in the realm of computing. Several pivotal factors exert their influence on the velocity of USB data transfer: the USB version in play, the data reading and writing capabilities inherent to the USB device, and the swiftness of the hardware’s data transmission.

Determining Speed of the USB

These constitute some of the factors governing the data transfer speed between devices within the Windows ecosystem. The creation of a bootable USB flash drive is indeed a viable endeavor. Nonetheless, this endeavor mandates the deployment of third-party software for its realization. This methodology assumes paramount significance when the necessity arises to upgrade or install a Windows operating system onto a computing device. Through the transformation of a USB device into a bootable drive, the process of Windows installation or updates melds harmoniously with our personal computer, rendering it a seamless and integrated experience.

How USB get Infected with Virus

Given that USB serves as a primary means for storing and transferring data, there exists a heightened risk of encountering infections. The inherent plug-and-play functionality of USB devices simplifies the process of file transfer, a convenience appreciated by users. However, this very attribute exposes USB to vulnerabilities associated with malware.

Consider a scenario: you intend to copy software from your friend’s computer, unaware that their system harbors viruses. Upon connecting your USB flash drive and copying the software, the drive becomes susceptible to infection.

Upon connecting the tainted USB to your computer, there’s a distinct possibility that your system could also fall prey to the same virus, unless safeguarded by antivirus software. Given the diverse nature of viruses, identifying the specific type inflicting your USB is often a challenge. Nonetheless, adopting a precautionary approach involves cleansing your USB before usage, often necessitating a formatting process. This guide will outline the steps to format a USB using the command prompt (CMD), ensuring your device’s security.

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Why Do You Format USB Flash Drive

  • The capacity gadgets that are generally utilized these days are ordinarily HDDs and SSDs, which are constantly set up on a PC/Mac to introduce the working framework and store information documents.
  • Meanwhile, the market boasts an array of alternative devices, each tailored to diverse needs, presenting more adaptable features. Among these, the USB flash drive stands out as a removable storage device with significant utility.
  • Regardless of the specific drive in use, it’s imperative for it to possess a valid file system, a requirement to enable Windows to recognize and effectively employ it. Moreover, over time and extended use, the occurrence of bad sectors or corruption issues becomes virtually unavoidable for flash drives.
  • Formatting comes to the rescue as a solution, offering a straightforward remedy for USB flash drives, pen drives, and memory sticks afflicted by various issues. Whether it’s write protection, virus contamination, corruption, physical damage, readability issues, or even a drive going unnoticed by computers and mobile devices, formatting proves to be a versatile approach to rectify these concerns. This guide will illuminate the process of formatting, allowing you to restore the functionality of your USB storage device.

Now arises the question: how does one go about formatting a USB flash drive? This page is dedicated to elucidating the process of formatting a USB flash drive utilizing the Command Prompt, a tool inherent in Windows. Below is a comprehensive guide that mandates meticulous adherence.

How to Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt

  • For your data, any type of circle arranging will totally delete information, so reinforcement as numerous as significant records before the beginning.
  • Out and out, you’ll stroll through the entire arranging process in eight stages, and the time spent will rely upon the USB streak drive limit and utilized space on it.(The subsequent steps are executed on a Windows 10 computer.)Step 1: Commence the procedure by inputting “cmd” into the search bar, which will yield the most pertinent outcome, specifically, “Command Prompt.” Subsequently, right-click on the “Command Prompt” selection and opt for “Run as administrator.”Step 2: Within the Command Prompt window, input “diskpart” and subsequently press the “Enter” key.


how to format usb in cmd

Step 3: Proceed by entering “list disk” and then pressing “Enter.” Refer to the information presented in the list disk display to identify your USB flash drive. It might be denoted as, for instance, “disk 2.”

how to format usb in cmd

How to Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt: Are You Looking for How to Format USB Flash Drive from Command Prompt Today in This article i will show You

how to format usb in cmd

Step 5: Type clean. Wait some time for disk erasing.

how to format usb in cmd

Step 6: Input “create partition primary” and subsequently press the “Enter” key.

how to format usb in cmd

Step 7: Once diskpart has successfully generated the designated partition, proceed by typing “format fs=ntfs” and pressing “Enter.” In case you have a preference for alternative file system formats, you can modify the “ntfs” command to your desired format, such as “fat32,” “exfat,” and so forth.

how to format usb in cmd

Step 8: Enter “assign” to allocate a drive letter to the flash drive.

how to format usb in cmd


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