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Designers and Illustrators damaged by AI losing jobs

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Leaders of the technological world are asking for a pause of at least six months to understand where artificial intelligence is heading.

There are already some professions that have seen their employees replaced by different tools that use these developments to deliver much faster and cheaper solutions.

This has led some companies to replace human talent with tools that are more effective and provide higher performance. For example, illustrators and designers in China are among the professions most affected.

AI Causes Severe Impact on Illustrators and Graphic Designers, Leading to Career Disruptions.

A local designer, Amber Yu, charged between 400 and 950 euros for designing graphics for video games, according to the local press. Despite the fact that her time was precious, she spent almost a week on each illustration, making sketches in Photoshop and polishing them with other specialized programs.

The clients of Yu use artificial intelligence tools, such as DALL-E 2, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion, to create the same illustrations that Yu did. They give some indications and set some parameters so that the work is completed.

According to the Genbeta portal, which gathered the testimony of Leo Li, in charge of hiring personnel at a video game company in China, this profession has suffered since last year; the professional explained that 70% of the jobs in this trade have been eliminated.

This situation arises from two crucial elements: firstly, the integration of artificial intelligence in industry advancement, and secondly, the imposition of regulations limiting participation to a specific age group. 18 years of age to play consoles for one hour a day on weekends, so as to prevent video game addiction.

A Rest of World report indicates that both the powerful in this industry and the small producers of console titles have not hesitated to replace illustrators with artificial intelligence tools for the creation of their characters, plots, scenarios, or other material they disseminate on social media.

According to Xu Yingying, an illustrator for this industry in Chongqing, 15 of his workers lost their jobs because the clients chose to use different artificial intelligence imaging programs.

It takes two people to do what ten people used to do, Yingying said. The artist could design a character or recreate a scene in one day, while technology now allows 40 per day, which shows a noticeable difference between humans and machines.

Actors have also been affected

An Argentinean announcer and dubbing actor shares his story and warns that his job has been replaced by artificial intelligence.

Alejandro Graue, 36, worked during the last months of 2022 to dub the videos of a YouTube channel for Latin America but was left waiting for his renewal in 2023.

When he looked for an explanation, he found none. However, when he looked at one of the videos he used to dub, he realized that the clip had been dubbed with artificial intelligence.

Instead of throwing myself out, I hear a very long, very correct voice saying: Hello, welcome, this is a new video…’, and then a horrible, robotic voice continues, out of sync.” said the actor.

The affected person told Radio con Vos, a local radio program, that he had been replaced by a tool based on artificial intelligence at the client’s request.

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Majority of Illustrators and Graphic Designers Affected by AI, Resulting in Career Losses.

In that same program, he warned that, if the essay went perfectly, not only would the company not hire him again but it would fire the other colleagues who handled the tests as well. Dubbing, as well as the rest of the production crew.

It is independent work from a company that does not care about the artistic result; it seeks to optimize costs. In the same manner as with TikTok videos, there is a monotonous voice, with no changes in rhythm, emotions, etc., but it is there, as the actor explained on Twitter.

In my opinion, what is human is what has to do with the artistic, the communicational, the nuances, and the intentions. According to some comments on the video, it wasn’t understood and they asked what happened to the other voice, which seemed apathetic, he explained.


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