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Semrush Backlink Checker Free : Is Backlinks Analytics Tool Good?

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The Semrush Backlink Checker Tool is undeniably a widely acclaimed and extensively utilized software for SEO link analysis. Semrush, a reputable and well-established company, offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools, including the Backlink Analytics Tool. This tool empowers users to scrutinize both their own backlink profiles and those of their competitors.

Backlinks continue to be an important Google ranking factor, and having high-quality and relevant backlinks can positively impact a site’s search engine rankings. Conversely, toxic or low-quality backlinks can exert a harmful influence, resulting in a decline in rankings and the potential loss of traffic.

What is the Semrush Backlink Analytics tool?

The Semrush Backlink Checker tool is a feature provided by Semrush, a popular and comprehensive digital marketing software platform. Backlinks are essentially links originating from external websites that direct traffic to your own site, and their significance in search engine rankings cannot be overstated.

Utilizing the Semrush Backlink Analytics Tool for Backlink Examination.

To utilize the Semrush Backlink Checker, you must first sign up for an active Semrush subscription.

Commence your journey by initiating the process of establishing a complimentary trial account. This can be easily accomplished by clicking on the furnished hyperlink.

Upon successful acquisition of a Semrush account and subsequent login, navigate to the “Backlink Analytics” functionality, conveniently located on the left-side menu within the “Link Building” domain.

Following this, proceed by inputting your domain’s URL into the designated field, and subsequently, give the ‘Analyze’ button a decisive click.

Semrush Backlink Checker Free

By diligently adhering to these sequential actions, you shall set into motion the formidable Backlink Analytics tool. This tool shall serve as your conduit to dissect and scrutinize the intricate tapestry of your website’s backlink profile. It promises to bestow upon you invaluable insights that are poised to refine and elevate your SEO and link-building strategies to a commendable degree.

You will soon be directed to the Backlinks Analytics page.

Overview report

The overview report in the Semrush Backlink Checker tool provides a comprehensive summary of a domain’s backlink profile. It presents essential details such as the Authority Score, Referring domains, the number of new backlinks discovered on the current day, and the various categories of backlinks.

At the top of the overview report, users can quickly access key metrics and insights that offer a clear understanding of the domain’s backlink health and performance. The Authority Score reflects the overall strength and credibility of the website’s backlink profile. Referring domains indicate the number of unique websites that are linking back to the domain.

Furthermore, the report highlights the number of newly acquired backlinks found on the current day, allowing users to monitor their recent link-building efforts. Additionally, the report categorizes the backlinks, providing insights into the types and sources of links pointing to the domain.

By utilizing the information presented in the overview report, users can make informed decisions regarding their link-building strategy, identify areas for improvement, and take actions to enhance the overall SEO performance of the website.

When using Semrush’s Backlink Checker, you will notice that the Overall Toxicity Score is displayed on the page. However, this score is visible only if you have previously audited the backlink profile with Semrush’s Backlink Audit tool.

Semrush Backlink Checker Free

Overall, the combination of the Overall Toxicity Score and the visual representations in the charts equips you with valuable data to evaluate the health and quality of the domain’s backlink profile, enabling you to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to enhance your website’s backlink strategy and SEO efforts.

Clicking stamps will lead to particular pages. Directly beneath the details of referring domains, you’ll come across the following:

  1. Categories of Referring Domains
  2. Top Anchors
  3. Referring Domains by Authority Score
  4. Backlink Types
  5. Link Attributes

A good backlink profile has these features:

  • Backlinks from the same categories – Ex: If your site’s niche is pets, it makes sense to get backlinks from the pet niche rather than travel & tourism sites
  • A blend of anchor text variations – Encompassing all anchor types like exact match keywords, naked URLs, domain names, and more.
  • Backlinks from high authority sites
  • An equitable distribution among follow, nofollow, and UGC (User Generated Content) backlinks.

Semrush Backlink Checker Free


In the Backlinks tab of Semrush Backlink Checker, you will find a comprehensive list of all the backlinks associated with the root domain, sub-folder, or specific URL of the domain you searched for. This tab presents a detailed overview of the external websites that link to the target domain or its specific pages.


Anchor or linking text plays a significant role in any effective link-building strategy. By examining the distribution of anchor text, you can gain valuable insights into how your website or your competitor’s website is utilizing various anchor text types in their backlink profile.

Referring Domains

In the Referring Domains tab of Semrush Backlink Checker, you can access a comprehensive list of all backlinks associated with the analyzed domain, including both current and lost backlinks. This tab provides a detailed overview of external websites that link to the target domain.

Referring IPs

Examining Referring IPs can be a reliable method to identify if a website is engaged in link-building schemes like Private Blog Networks (PBNs). As a general guideline, a healthy backlink profile should be well-distributed among various IP addresses. When backlinks predominantly originate from a limited number of IPs, it may raise suspicion of unnatural link-building practices, which can include PBNs.

Indexed Pages

The ‘Indexed Pages’ section serves as the prime location for examining the backlinks of pages within the Semrush Backlink Finder.

The Backlink Analytics tool will provide you with valuable information, including the total number of backlinks, referring domains, external links from a page, and internal links. If you discover that a top index page, despite having a significant number of backlinks, has relatively low internal backlinks within your website, it is essential to take action.


Semrush Backlink Checker identifies competitors by analyzing the similarities in their link profiles within the Backlink Analytics feature.To access additional details about a competitor’s site, click on the down arrow icon next to the Authority Score (AS) in the Semrush Backlink Analytics tool. This action will reveal a dropdown menu that displays comprehensive information such as the number of Backlinks, referring domains, monthly visits, and keywords associated with the competitor’s website.


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