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Top 5 SEO Writing Tools to Get Free Traffic From Google

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Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as ‘SEO,’ is a strategy employed in your writing to ensure that your online content receives visibility on search engines such as Google.

By skillfully incorporating relevant keywords and employing effective tagging techniques, you can draw in visitors to your website who are actively seeking the content you provide.

So, which are the top SEO writing tools to kickstart your journey? Explore this compilation of 15 indispensable tools designed to drive traffic from Google!”

Top SEO Writing Tools


Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner SEO tools

Google Keyword Planner is a free online seo writing tools that helps you research keywords for your website. YUtilize it to discover business-relevant keywords with substantial search volumes. This approach will enhance your Google traffic significantly.

Google Keyword Planner boasts user-friendliness. Simply input a keyword into the search bar, and you’ll receive a compilation of correlated keywords. Furthermore, you possess the capability to fine-tune the outcomes, tailoring them to specific countries and languages. This feature proves invaluable when your objective is to target a particular audience.

After uncovering pertinent keywords, it’s essential to integrate them into your website. Ensure their incorporation within your title tags, meta descriptions, and the content of your web pages. This practice serves a dual purpose: it aids Google in comprehending the thematic focus of your website and subsequently elevates your position in search result rankings.

For those in pursuit of free SEO writing tools that enhance Google traffic, Google Keyword Planner stands as an excellent choice.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO tools, seo review tools

1.Google Search Console, a complimentary resource, aids in the fine-tuning of your website for optimal performance on Google search. It furnishes invaluable insights into your website’s search traffic, encompassing the keywords responsible for driving visitors to your site and the frequency with which your web pages are clicked.

This trove of data proves instrumental in the enhancement of your website’s standing within Google search results, making it an indispensable tool for bolstering your online presence.

Another outstanding SEO writing tool is Yoast SEO. This plugin simplifies the process of optimizing your website for Google search by offering a user-friendly interface for tailoring essential SEO components such as titles, meta tags, and more. Yoast SEO additionally provides the convenience of previewing how your website will appear in Google search results prior to publication, ensuring your content aligns precisely with your vision.

Lastly, contemplate the utilization of a resource like BuzzSumo to aid in the discovery of trending subjects to write about, likely to generate substantial traffic from Google. BuzzSumo empowers you to explore the most popular content pertaining to any given topic, enabling you to readily identify prevailing trends and sought-after subjects within the realm of online searches.

Google Analytics

saas seo tools

Google Analytics stands as an indispensable instrument for any website aiming to enhance its SEO performance. This tool furnishes intricate analytics regarding website traffic, encompassing the origins of this traffic and the specific keywords employed by visitors to locate your site. The judicious application of this data can significantly elevate your website’s ranking within search engine result pages.

It’s noteworthy that Google Analytics is offered as a complimentary service by Google, further underscoring its value as an accessible resource for SEO improvement.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO seo software for small business

Yoast SEO, a widely embraced WordPress plugin, serves as a valuable asset in the endeavor to optimize your website for Google search. This tool not only furnishes a comprehensive checklist of actionable tasks to enhance your website’s SEO but also facilitates the creation of essential components such as sitemaps and robots.txt files. Yoast SEO, as an SEO writing tool, proves exceptionally effective in ensuring your website garners visibility and recognition on Google’s expansive platform.

 Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools represents a cost-free offering from Google, designed to offer insights into how Google perceives your website. This service not only facilitates the submission of your website for indexing but also delivers in-depth reports pertaining to your website’s traffic and its standing within search rankings. For any website aspiring to secure recognition on Google, Google Webmaster Tools stands as an indispensable resource.


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