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How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money at Home

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How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money: Are You Looking for Start a Blog for Free and Make Money.

An ever increasing number of individuals are presently searching for approaches toways to make money online. The undeniable way a great many people think that it is not difficult to bring in cash online is through web journals.

Creating content for a blog has proven to be a viable way to generate income. I’ve been making nice pay from writing for a blog for more than 10 years now and I can say that anybody with difficult work can bring in cash publishing content to a blog.

In case you are one among them who needs to make the most out of their spare energy, writing for a blog is an extraordinary method to bring in cash as well as to support your internet based impact. So in case you are searching for approaches to make a free blog, this nitty gritty aide is intended for you.

In case you are searching for approaches to begin a free blog, I enthusiastically prescribe you to consider utilizing Blogger writing for a blog stage as it simple to set up as well as you can begin bringing in cash from AdSense also.

Presenting a comprehensive guide for individuals to create a cost-free blog on Blogspot and initiate earning revenue through AdSense.

Initiating a no-cost blog on the Blogspot platform: Where to Begin?

Making a blog utilizing is truly simple. I’ll give you few simple directions and follow them likewise.

Step 1:

Sign up for 

First of all, go to home page and sign up.

Important tip: Generate a GMail account if you haven’t already.

Upon successfully signing in to your Google account, you’ll notice the presence of a “New Blog” button located on the left-hand side. Click on it to start a fresh blog on Blogger.

Step 2:

Enter a name for your blog

Enter your desired blog title into the designated Title box. Additionally, input a concise domain address; a yellow box will appear if it’s already claimed. It’s crucial to devise a distinct name. Simultaneously, explore the array of template choices in the same box. You’ll have the opportunity to select from various templates and personalize your blog further at a later stage.

And that’s it! You have successfully create a blog on blogspot in under 2 minutes. Congrats. Let’s now proceed to navigate through the following stages.

Step 3:

Start creating new blog posts

On the left-hand side, locate and click the “Create New Post” button to initiate the process of crafting a fresh blog post. Enter any title and start writing content that you want.


create a blog and make money

Step 4:

Google AdSense!

Once you are started getting decent amount of visitors from search engines to your blogspot blogs, you can apply for AdSense to start making money. Refrain from seeking AdSense approval unless your daily traffic consistently reaches a minimum of 300-400 unique visitors. Otherwise, it can be quite challenging to get your account approved.

Start a Blog for Free and Make Money


Quick note:

You have the flexibility to modify your blog template at any time by clicking on the “Template” button located on the left side of your Blogspot dashboard.

What’s the next step after successfully setting up your Blogspot blog?

Start creating SEO friendly content

Assuming you need to produce additional pay from AdSense utilizing your blogspot blog, you need to bring additional guests from web indexes. The more web search tool traffic you get the more snaps you will actually want to create and the more pay you will make from AdSense.

Sadly, expanding search traffic to any blog or site isn’t simple particularly in case you are an amateur to SEO. You need to learn everything all alone identified with SEO and begin carrying out the compelling SEO systems to help your natural traffic.

The main suggestion I can provide for any novice blogger is this: begin zeroing in on making content that is SEO agreeable.

Here are several straightforward suggestions for crafting SEO-friendly blog posts that can effectively enhance traffic to your Blogspot blogs.

  • Prioritize internal linking by incorporating links to previous posts whenever you create new content. This practice enhances your site’s crawlability, leading to increased search visibility for your blog.
  • Maintain blog post titles under 70 characters, as longer titles might not display in search results. Opt for concise, yet descriptive headlines to maximize impact.
  • Always prioritize your readers over search engines initially, then optimize for SEO later. Avoid repetitive use of the same keywords to prevent keyword stuffing, which could result in penalties for your blog.
  • Eliminate flash elements from your blog to prevent slowing down its loading speed. Google places significant importance on fast-loading sites, boosting their ranking priority.

Focus on getting AdSense approval

Once you begin crafting high-quality content for your blog, it becomes essential to shift your attention towards obtaining Google AdSense approval. This stands as the primary motivation behind many bloggers opting to initiate their blogs on Blogspot. If you find yourself in this category, there’s no need to delay extensively.

I would suggest that individuals concentrate their efforts on securing AdSense approval after a period of 4 to 6 months. By that time, you should have accumulated a substantial amount of traffic from search engines.

Even with just a daily post, you could accumulate approximately 100 articles within four months. When properly optimized for search engines, this could potentially attract around 500 unique visitors. Such progress marks a promising beginning for achieving AdSense approval.

Discover strategies to enhance your AdSense revenue.

The following thing you can do once your AdSense account gets supported is you can sort out some demonstrated approaches to build your profit from AdSense. In spite of the fact that as a fledgling, it very well may be a troublesome occupation for you to expand your AdSense pay yet additional time you will see how it functions admirably.


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