How to Get Verified on Twitter for Real ( Elon Musk Takeover )

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In the realm of social media, the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter was once the ultimate symbol of recognition, sought after by brands, influencers, and creators alike. It signified that the platform had acknowledged an account as noteworthy and authentic.

However, the path to this elusive blue badge was often fraught with uncertainty, as the verification process was known for its rigorous criteria and no guarantee of success. But in recent times, Twitter has undergone significant changes in its verification process, making the coveted blue checkmark more accessible to a wider audience, provided they meet certain key criteria.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain the eligibility criteria and outline the updated process for obtaining verification on Twitter. We will provide you with the necessary steps and insights to improve your chances of obtaining the coveted blue checkmark.

Understanding Twitter Verification

Twitter verification is the platform’s way of confirming the authenticity of an account. The presence of a verified checkmark next to a username signifies that Twitter has recognized the account as genuine and credible. This verification serves as a means for brands and creators to reassure their audience that they are interacting with the legitimate account, adding an extra layer of trust to their online presence.

Previously, Twitter verification was a privilege open to nearly all users, provided they could prove their identity and noteworthiness. Typically, this favored accounts with large follower counts, leaving little room for accounts with smaller followings, even if they were authentic and influential. Small businesses and newly established brands on Twitter often faced difficulties in obtaining verification without a substantial following.

However, the verification landscape underwent a seismic shift in 2022 when Elon Musk took the helm. Under the new guidelines, anyone can become verified if they hold a subscription to X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) – Twitter’s subscription service – and meet the specified eligibility criteria.

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Different Types of Twitter Verification

You may have noticed that Twitter verification now comes in different forms, including blue checkmarks, gold checkmarks, and gray checkmarks. Each type serves a specific purpose and is awarded based on distinct criteria.

Blue Checkmark

The blue checkmark is the most well-known form of Twitter verification. It is now typically granted to individual accounts, such as creators, influencers, public figures, and celebrities, who subscribe to X Premium and meet the eligibility criteria. However, you may still find a few business and brand accounts that have this type of verification.

Gold Checkmark

Gold checkmarks are assigned to accounts registered through Twitter’s Verified Organizations program. These accounts feature a square profile image instead of the traditional circular one. The criteria for obtaining a gold checkmark may differ from that of individual accounts.

Gray Checkmark

Gray checkmarks are reserved for accounts representing government or multilateral organizations, as well as political figures and government officials. These accounts play a distinct role in disseminating information and engaging with the public.

Why Get Verified on Twitter?

Given the evolving landscape of Twitter verification, you might wonder if it’s still worth pursuing. The decision largely depends on your goals and objectives, but here are a few compelling reasons why obtaining Twitter verification is a wise choice:


Twitter verification serves as a stamp of authenticity, reducing the risk of impersonation and enhancing your account’s credibility.

Enhanced Visibility:

Verified accounts rank more prominently in relevant search results, increasing your account’s visibility and potential for gaining new followers.

Access to Exclusive Features:

Verified users enjoy access to additional features not available to regular, unverified accounts, including the ability to create longer posts, edit posts, and upload extended videos.

Eligibility Criteria for Twitter Verification

To become eligible for the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter, you must meet specific criteria in addition to maintaining an active X Premium subscription. Let’s delve into the essential eligibility requirements:

Active X Premium Subscription:

You must maintain an active subscription to X Premium. Discontinuing your subscription will automatically remove your blue checkmark.

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Complete Profile:

Your Twitter profile must be complete, including key details such as a display name and a profile photo.

Active Account Usage:

Twitter mandates that your account has been active within the past 30 days before subscribing to X Premium.

Confirmed Phone Number:

You must have a confirmed phone number linked to your Twitter account. This step aids in verifying the authenticity of your identity.

Non-Deceptive Account:

Your account should not engage in deceptive practices. Any recent changes to your profile, such as your display name, handle, or profile photo, will undergo manual review to ensure transparency and authenticity. Engaging in platform manipulation or spam can negatively impact your chances of verification.

Get Verified on Twitter:

Now that you have a grasp of the various types of Twitter verification and the criteria for eligibility, let’s delve into a detailed step-by-step process for securing each type of verification badge.

How to Get a Blue Check Verification

Step 1: Complete Your Profile Ensure that your Twitter profile is complete with all relevant information, including your display name.

Step 2: Maintain Active Account Usage Stay active on your account by creating posts, liking, commenting on, and sharing content from other users. Regular engagement showcases the ongoing use of your account.

Step 3: Add and Verify Your Phone Number Enhance security and verify your identity by adding and verifying your phone number. Twitter will send a verification code to complete this process.

Step 4: Subscribe to X Premium Subscribe to X Premium, with prices starting at $8 per month through the web browser and $11 per month via the mobile app. Your blue checkmark will automatically appear on your profile upon subscription approval.

How to Get a Gold Check Verification

Step 1: Ensure Your Organization Profile is Complete Start by making sure your organization’s profile is both accurate and up-to-date. This includes maintaining essential information such as your profile name, profile picture, and bio. Be prepared to provide additional details during the verification process.

Step 2: Join Twitter’s Verified Organizations Program Follow by enrolling your organization in Twitter’s Verified Organizations program. During this step, you’ll be asked to furnish details like your organization’s full name, Twitter handle, website, and the type of organization it is.

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Step 3: Provide Payment Details To gain access to the service, you’ll be required to enter your payment information. Twitter provides two payment options: invoicing and credit card payments. For businesses based in the United States, the monthly fee for access to this service is $1,000.

Step 4: Wait for Twitter’s Review Once you’ve submitted your application, patiently await Twitter’s review. If your application is approved, your account will be automatically verified with a gold checkmark, and you’ll gain the ability to link other affiliated accounts.

How to Get a Grey Check Verification

Step 1: Visit the Grey Checkmark Request Page Navigate to the Grey Checkmark Request page and provide your account details, including your Twitter username, email address, and country or region.

Step 2: Select the Appropriate Criteria Choose the criteria that best match your account’s purpose, whether it’s as a government individual, government organization, multilateral organization, or multilateral individual.

Step 3: Choose Verification Method Select whether you’ll be using your government ID or email address for verification. If opting for the government ID, upload a photo as proof.

Step 4: Provide Official Information For individual requests, provide your official position and title. For organizations, include the official organization name.

Step 5: Submit Your Request Add a brief description of your responsibilities and submit your request. At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether Twitter charges a fee for individuals and organizations requesting a grey checkmark verification.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Verification

While an X Premium subscription typically guarantees a blue checkmark for most users, Twitter still reviews accounts for eligibility. To increase your odds of getting verified, consider these helpful tips:

  1. Boost Your Engagement: Stay active on the platform by liking, commenting, and sharing content from other users. This demonstrates that your account is actively in use.
  2. Avoid Deceptive Practices: Refrain from using fake identities or misleading profile information. Exceptions include parody and fan accounts, as well as those providing commentary.
  3. Content Consistency: Regularly share content to prove your account’s activity. Focus on sharing valuable and relevant content that aligns with your audience’s interests.
  4. Select the Right Verification Type: Choose the appropriate type of Twitter verification based on your account’s purpose. Ensure that it aligns with your goals and provides the features you need.

Get Started with Twitter Verification

Now that you have a clear understanding of the Twitter verification landscape and the steps to achieve it, you’re well-prepared to embark on your verification journey. Follow the outlined steps and best practices to increase your chances of obtaining that coveted blue checkmark on Twitter.