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Top Free PDF Reader for Windows

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Are You Looking for Top Free PDF Reader for Windows Today i will show You pdf reader for windows.PDF peruser for windows has been a backbone in the realm of figuring. With such countless choices out there, how would you realize which is ideal? To aid you in your selection process, we have compiled a list of the top five PDF readers currently available for Windows 10. Furthermore, to settle on your choice considerably simpler, we’ll likewise give an outline of every item just as its components. So continue to peruse to discover more.

Nitro Reader


Nitro Reader stands as a cost-free and open-source PDF reader, offering compatibility across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. It enables seamless PDF file viewing, eliminating the necessity for Adobe Acrobat or other similar software installations. Nitro Reader presents itself in two distinct editions: a web browser plugin facilitating online PDF reading, and a downloadable desktop application accessible from their official website. Beyond its widespread recognition, this PDF reader boasts a plethora of captivating functionalities that are sure to capture your interest. Here are a few noteworthy features of Nitro Reader.

  • Features of Nitro Reader

Crafted for swift and uncomplicated PDF viewing on your Windows device, Nitro Reader offers a range of versatile capabilities. Some of the tasks you can effortlessly undertake with this PDF reader include:

  1. Effortlessly navigate through the document.
  2. Seamlessly zoom in and out of pages.
  3. Utilize the text search option to locate specific content.
  4. Highlight significant text sections for easy reference.
  5. Create annotations even offline.
  6. Employ tools to draw shapes like circles, squares, and arrows within the document.

These represent merely a selection of the diverse array of features provided by Nitro Reader.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC stands as a cost-free application designed for PDF viewing, readily available for download on your Windows computer. It holds a prominent position as one of the most widely used solutions in the current era. The diverse array of features it presents can be fully accessed without any charges. Notably a creation of Adobe, a company renowned for an extensive suite of software catering to creative pursuits, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC distinguishes itself within this portfolio.

  • Features of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

  1. Robust PDF Viewing: Enable smooth and comprehensive viewing of PDF documents.
  2. Annotation Tools: Add comments, notes, and highlights to PDFs, aiding in collaboration and information retention.
  3. Form Filling: Conveniently fill out PDF forms digitally, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.
  4. Document Signing: Electronically sign PDFs, streamlining the authentication process.
  5. Text Extraction: Extract text from PDFs for easy reuse and referencing.
  6. Search Functionality: Swiftly search for specific terms or phrases within PDF content.
  7. Mobile Compatibility: Extend functionality to mobile devices, enabling seamless PDF access and interaction.
  8. Cloud Integration: Integrate with cloud services to store, access, and share PDFs from various devices.
  9. Security Features: Implement password protection, encryption, and permission settings to safeguard sensitive content.
  10. Collaborative Review: Facilitate collaborative reviewing by enabling others to add comments and annotations to shared PDFs.
  11. Reading Modes: Customize the reading experience with various display modes, including night mode and fullscreen.
  12. Multimedia Support: Embed multimedia elements like audio, video, and interactive elements within PDFs.


  • PDF-XChange Editor


PDF-XChange Editor


PDF-XChange Editor emerges as a highly favored PDF reader tailored for Windows devices within the market. This software holds the distinction of being a robust and multifaceted PDF editor. Beyond its adeptness in reading PDF files, PDF-XChange Editor offers an extensive spectrum of capabilities including creation, editing, conversion, and annotation of PDF documents. Professionals across the globe have relied on this tool for a considerable span of time, and its widespread adoption can be attributed to numerous compelling reasons that render it a noteworthy choice for your consideration.

  • Features of PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor boasts a set of distinct features poised to captivate your attention. These functionalities are designed to compel your utilization of this remarkable PDF reader. The following are the standout features of this tool:

  1. PDF File Editing: Seamlessly modify PDF files, allowing for personalized adjustments.
  2. Search and Replace: Efficiently locate and substitute specific text or content within PDF documents.
  3. Encryption: Employ encryption measures to enhance the security of your PDF files.
  4. Digital Signatures and Annotations: Facilitate digital signing and comprehensive annotation capabilities, fostering collaborative interactions.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Presenting an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and utilization.
  • Google Drive

Google Drive


The Google Drive application stands as a widely embraced cloud storage solution, having garnered significant usage over the years. It provides a convenient avenue for online file storage, eliminating complexities. Beyond being a repository for your files, Google Drive also facilitates seamless document sharing among users. It fosters collaborative efforts on shared projects, enabling access to your work irrespective of time or location. Apart from its well-known functionalities, Google Drive boasts a distinctive capability – PDF reading. This software adeptly handles the task of reading PDF files, with certain unique attributes tailored to enhance the PDF reading experience.

  • Features of Google Drive PDF Reader

The PDF reader function within Google Drive encompasses a range of functionalities. While Google Drive serves as a versatile platform for file storage and sharing, its PDF reading capabilities come with distinct attributes that enhance the experience. These notable features include:

  1. Offline PDF Reading: Facilitating the ability to read PDFs even without an internet connection.
  2. PDF Editing: Enabling simple modifications to PDF documents directly within Google Drive.
  3. Marking and Annotations: Providing tools for highlighting and adding annotations to PDF content.
  4. PDF Listening: Offering the option to listen to the content of PDF files, enhancing accessibility.
  5. Effortless Sharing: Streamlining the process of sharing PDFs with others.




Sumatra PDF emerges as a complimentary, open-source software package, boasting a range of functionalities reminiscent of Adobe Acrobat. Its reach extends across Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. Since its inception, Sumatra PDF has accumulated an impressive download tally, surpassing the 10 million mark. Its pervasive acclaim extends across diverse global regions, spurred by a multitude of compelling reasons. The software sets itself apart through a compendium of singular and remarkable features. Let us now embark on an exploration of these distinguishing characteristics inherent to this PDF reader.

  • Features of SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF stands as a no-cost PDF reader, proficient in accessing and displaying a diverse range of PDF documents. This application encompasses an array of capabilities that contribute to its functionality. In the subsequent section, we will delve into these attributes of the software.

  1. Comprehensive Document Viewing: Enables seamless navigation through all pages within a document.
  2. Flexible Zoom Levels: Facilitates the use of various zoom settings to suit individual preferences.
  3. Text and Graphics Selection: Empowers users to select and copy text or graphics from PDFs for easy incorporation into other documents.
  4. Bookmark Creation with Annotations: Allows for the establishment of bookmarks enriched with annotations, including comments and highlighting.
  5. No-Cost Accessibility: Available completely free of charge, eliminating any financial barriers.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Presents an interface designed for ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of Windows users.


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