The NBA recently finished its highest-scoring regular season in 53 years, with 282,127 points scored by its teams

and a record 20 players making at least 200 3-pointers. Also, presently two low-cultivated season finisher groups are flooding

toward the meeting finals with predominant safeguard. In a league that has rarely been more offense-oriented,

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the Lakers and Heat are widely regarded as two of the best defensive teams. Both groups, led by veteran players,

put in strong defensive performances to take a 2-1 series lead in the second round.

On Monday night, Miami takes on the Knicks and Los Angeles takes on the Warriors. Both teams

have a chance to take control of the series because they have been better defensively.

The eighth-seeded Miami defeated New York by 86 points in Game 3 on Saturday, while the seventh-seeded Lakers defeated Golden State by 30 points